Games you want Jace to Livestream -


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I've been playing through Mafia II, and oh boy... It's an open world game where Jace could get into his Stryker fantasies (Stryker having, like, traveled back in time to the 1850s or whatever to be a gangster such as) while discussing his experiences with Italian-Americans (i.e. WopDad). Then if he made it to the prison chapter, he'd have to fight three half-naked guys who want to rape him in the shower.

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I'm thinking of gifting him either Manhunt, or Warhammer: Space Marine.
Manhunt: it's brutal, gory, a sneaking game, and has a silent protagonist, which means he can roleplay.
Space Marine: it's Warhammer 40,000. You play a fucking Space Marine. Who fights Islam Orks. And fucking demons! This is Jace's fucking dream!


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Maybe this has been mentioned before, but Hatred would be a pretty good choice when it comes out, seeing as he already has a pretty unorthodox attitude towards school shootings.

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Jace should play Euro Truck Simulator 2 so we can see his mad Street Racing Skills firsthand.

Also it'd be funny to see him get pissy everytime he rolls the truck over, gets a speeding ticket, etc.


Not really a game, but I'd love to see him live stream a custom CoD-style Doom WAD where he's fighting normal enemies at first then later on he's surprised by cockbees, just to watch him go apeshit when they come out. :epik:

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I kind of wish that Jace would get Just Cause 2 right now, because it's on sale for like, 3$ on Steam, and it would have just the sort of crazy action in a free-roamy world that would make excellent DN roleplaying material. But even if he doesn't get it now, Just Cause 2 would be a great game for him, especially when he's been getting excited about all this South American-centric stuff lately.
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Has a camera, will kick butt


- SUPER REALISTIC gun use, with all of the SUPER REALISTIC actions you need to do to actually reload a gun, like removing the magazine and sticking bullets in.

- Very few guns available out-of-box and you probably need to install a DEAGLE MOD. (If one even exists at all. I just heard that there are some shitty WOOD STOCK BASICALLY WW2 WEAPONS available at the time. But DEAGLE MOD seems to be a priority)
- Even if a DEAGLE MOD exists you are not guaranteed to get a DEAGLE all the time.
- No support for Steam Workshop so I don't know if there's a WEED MOD yet either
- Graphics are NOT REALISTIC by long shot
- Enemies are NOT REALISTIC, they're just turrets and flying drones

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That type of game is pretty good for Jace to stream, because it's relatively easy to pick-up-and-play, but the mechanics do have some depth to them and replay value so it's something that Jace could play and get into the action really fast, without having to sit through 10-minute intros or something.

On that note, Overgrowth by the same people who made "Receiver" would also be cool for Jace, because it features 3 Things Jace holds dear : Furries, Martial arts, and Parkour! The downside of the game is that it carries kind of a steep price tag for a Early Access title and it hasn't got a Wolf mod yet(change the main character into a wolf instead of a rabbit).