Games you wanted to love that you just couldn't? - Or even wound up hating


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I bought Mario Odyssey seeing as everyone who played the game praised it saying it was the best Mario to date. I think I played for an hour or two before I put it down... I was incredibly disappointed, the control felt so weird and the camera drove me insane. I loved the music and areas that I went to, but something just didn't feel right about the game.

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Resident Evil, specifically the Gamecube one. I probably mentioned it way too many times here. I dig the atmosphere but fuck tank controls, every time I mention why I dislike tank controls, some dipshit will always chime up and accuse me of wanting Call of Duty. I didn't mind if it wasn't a shooter where you're a badass mowing down enemies. Both Silent Hill and Fatal Frame had static cameras and free controls and they manage to make it work, RE had no excuse.

I'll add in Amnesia. Cool premise but the game makes me dizzy.


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I wanted to get into the old-school Fallouts but the interface is really hard to get used to. Maybe some day.
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Kingdom Hearts and Modren Final Fantasy Games.
When KH came out in the early 2000's, I thought it's really cringy to see a bunch of Disney characters but was still fairly interested 'coz of the FF characters (or references?) in it. It was a time I binge-played a bunch of FF games, just finished X-2 and was wanting more but I got hooked into PC/MMO gaming and legitimately forgot about the franchise.

Today, I ask myself "why is this still a thing". Every person I know who's into KH is a massive weeb (but I think that's a requirement).

X-2 was my last FF game as mentioned above and I stopped caring about the franchise until I read about FF11's PS2 servers being shut down. Made me look up what else were they up to with the franchise and was disappointed to see every game since FFX is sameface anime cosplay simulator with the FF logo slapped on it.

I've always wanted to love the resident evil series. I rented the game when I was 8 but me and my sister didn't get very far in 2 days of the rental but I enjoyed it. Yeas later I remember RE:4 always being peaked as one of the best horror games of the decade. Everyone seems to love it and think it's the pinnacle of the series. I just didn't enjoy it. Played half and never went back. From the story to the characters I was just not interested. I've tried 3 times to play it and every time I just get bored. Although I will buy RE:7 when it goes down in price.


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Silent Hill downpour
Resident Evil 4
Far Cry 2
Mortal Kombat X
Dynasty warriors gundam
Disgaea 3
Earthworm Jim
DK 64
Dante's Inferno
Dead Space 2
Mario Kart
Megaman 64
Bio shock 3
Curse of Monkey Island
Clock Tower 2
Custer's revenge


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I replayed Metriod Prime that I didn't care for years. Its better than I remember but the backtracking really killed it for me.


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Gonna get heat for this but Final Fantasy 7. I've tried many times and I just can't get over how ugly and simplistic it is.

Maybe I'll play it when the remake launches in 2035.

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Basically any Rockstar game since... fuck, what was that N64 game they made before GTA?

Granted, I didn't have a PS1 back when GTA came out, but GTA3 is what sold me to get a PS2. World size blew me away, but other than that, nothing stood out to me. Third-person camera was ass even if you did have essentially perfect accuracy, the realistic art style looked awful, the writing was serviceable at best, and the driving never felt satisfying. While some aspects got better as the company progressed, I haven't liked a Rockstar game barring modding GTA4 on PC and RDR1. Why do I keep buying this garbage?
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Fallout 3. What pissed me off was that all the missions were way too long, like 6 missions in one. New Vegas fixed this for the most part IMO

Imperialist #348

having played it along time ago and wanting to get back into it but my god this game is far worse then i remember it being horrible aiming, sound that is awful to listen to, not to mention in the later half of the game the instant deaths from either chaos enemies or from actually nothing.

one thing it did give as well was some laughs from guardsmen constantly saying 'Its quiet' to raptors that just make bird noises.

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The Wargame RTS series (European Escalation, Air Land Battle and Red Dragon). It's one of the few remaining modern war strategy games, it looks good, the gameplay is seemingly nice, it has an enormous roster of units and factions but... it's just too complex for me. Getting good requires reading through a 300 page guide on Steam and then juggling scout units, artillery, armoured vehicles, infantry, aircraft, anti-air, supply lines and a shitload of more things across a huge map. I quickly feel overwhelmed by all this. I'm just not autistic enough to figure out how to play it.

EDIT: Football Manager games as well, for the same reason - I can't figure out the complexity behind everything. And to make things worse, there is no definite guide for everything, or more precisely I couldn't find it. At least Wargame had that 300 page digital doorstopper!
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Zero Time Dilemma: This was supposed to be the final part of the Zero Escape series. I absolutely LOVED "999" and "Virtue's Last Reward" so I went into this with hopes that it would be just as fantastic, but by the end, it all just felt very compressed. I don't hate it, but at the same time I fear I may have had my expectations a bit too high for this one.

LoZ - Skyward Sword: I was and still am a bit of a LoZ fantard, so I was stoked for a new entry into the Zelda Parthenon of games. However right from the get go this game was just off-putting by how much hand holding there was. Never bothered to complete it.

Fallout 4: I was once again stupidly stoked for this game, so much so that I actually took days off of work to play it. In the end it turned out to be a stripped down and yet bloated game. It was like ordering a burger and when you get it, the meat is about half the size you expected and there's waaay too much lettuce.

Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus: The first game was a fantastic game so I was really looking forward to this game. Instead what I got was a game wherein the first half BJ is running around the game at half-health, and the second half you get your health back but you're no longer the main part of the story and it instead deviates into an unwarranted tirade about social justice and communist rhetoric. To reuse the burger analogy, I just wanted to order a burger, but instead I got an hour-long dissertation on heart disease.


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Fable. I tried to like it, but every time I would start to get immersed in the game some NPC would call me Chicken Chaser, or start screaming "Ahh Ahh Ahh!" and I would be pulled out of it. And no, I didn't even know about all the hype Peter Molyneux had built up for the game. I just got it because I saw it on sale and it looked interesting.
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yokai watch. i was getting invested in the game, but theres one part where have to do stealth, which is really different from all other sections of the game. during all of that theres a 2 minute time limit really gets me under pressure, and if an enemy spots you it chases after you being faster than your running speed, and if it touches you have to start over from the beginning of the level. i ended up quitting.

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I wanted to love Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z because I liked the art style and the pervasively childish humor. I did not care for anything else that game had to offer, though.
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Starcraft. I've mused that this probably has more to do with me preferring the Westwood style of "click thing to issue orders to, issue orders, move onto next thing" rather than micromanaging every little fight (and workers). Having to click each nondescript building to build unit/upgrade is something Westwood abandoned after Dune II because it breaks the flow of gameplay. I feel like I can't do flanking attacks or use complex strategies at all because I have to make sure I click stimpack or defensive matrix so I don't lose my expensive, fragile units that take forever to build. I love the millieu and I loved Warcraft II, but the game just feels like a chore to play.

I've tried on multiple occasions to finish it. With the remaster I've been trying again's just not that great.

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