Games you wanted to love that you just couldn't? - Or even wound up hating

Persona 2 IS.
I loved the rest of the franchise,I even enjoyed parts of It's predecesor Persona 1.
2 felt really streched out and the visuals didn't help either.
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I want to love Bloodborne so badly, but I can't 'get it' the way I did other souls games. The setting, lore and style is phenomenal. I want to dive into that world, but I just can't click with the controls. Every few days I turn it on and fail the first level for a good hour.

Edit: I finally got it and damn, is this a good game.
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The God Eater games.

Aesthetics are great, story is good, and it tries so hard to be interesting as a setting.

It's just the combat feels awkward as hell and it's clearly not designed to be as fair on single players as it really should be.
How about that dumpster fire that was Andromeda?


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Not that I don't like them but I got feeling I'd probably be shit at them unless I'm playing co-op on easymode and those would be the Wargame and Steel Division series', great looking games but they have that warhammer level of micromanagement.


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Erverwatch -the characters are colorful and has some cute girls but it just seems like a complete clusterfuck. The gay shipping tumblr does also doesn't help.

Gears of War 1 and 3- GoW 2 Is the best in the series and the multi-player is way better compared to 1. 1 felt like a generic doom like game. 3 seems way overdramatic story wise and when I played it it just didn't feel as fun as 2. Almost lanky controls in a way.

Assassins Creed series. Dont get me wrong, it's fun scaling and shit but any part outside of the virtual world is completely gay and seems like a poor man's version of National Treasure with the cheesy Hollywood action. Desmond is a nonce and a ugly character. The American revolution game was beyond fucked,it was a glitchy mess and the story was anti-climatic.

Bioshock infinite. It looked neat and shit but loses its magic quickly. And IDK something about being leagues under the sea made it seem more scary.


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Fire Emblem: Awakening. At this point, Intelligent Systems seems to be more interested with pandering to otakus/weebs with loli and dating sim BS, than they are at making interesting characters, a less generic plot, missions beyond just "kill all enemies" or "kill the boss", decent character designs, better writing, and actually being arsed to model feet (seriously, why do the character models have no feet?).


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For me it's the Witcher 3. I didn't see the intense praise as justified given how poor the movement controls are (Geralt controls almost like a car) and how repetitive the combat was (the combat had a core loop you could easily exploit by just attacking, dodging, attacking and dodging) aside from bosses almost every enemy would be easily defeated by just doing this. I say this as someone who beat TW1 twice and TW2 once on Hard.
The original Crash Bandicoot Trilogy. Ridiculous difficulty spikes and repetitive level design really put me off.
I'd suggest starting with 2 or 3. Since 1 was very unpolished in comparison. Especially with regard to controls. I found 3 to be the best one in the series.
Fable. I tried to like it, but every time I would start to get immersed in the game some NPC would call me Chicken Chaser, or start screaming "Ahh Ahh Ahh!" and I would be pulled out of it. And no, I didn't even know about all the hype Peter Molyneux had built up for the game. I just got it because I saw it on sale and it looked interesting.
"Chicken Chaser" is the starting nickname for the main character. You can purchase a new one outside of the Guild of Heroes at the start of the game. You can also get better ones at the Arena about 1/3rd through.

Fable has a relatively slow start it gets a lot better as you start getting better equipment and start exploring more of the more interesting environments. It gets really good once you get to the Lost Chapters portion since they made the environments look really stunning. It's also more fun if you play a challenge run like stick or bow only because you have to actually rely on some of the less used mechanics like dodging.
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"Chicken Chaser" is the starting nickname for the main character. You can purchase a new one outside of the Guild of Heroes at the start of the game. You can also get better ones at the Arena about 1/3rd through.
It's more that I thought that the NPCs acted stupid and I hated them. I don't know maybe I'm remembering it wrong. I got the game back when the Lost Chapters came out, but I remember not liking any of the characters enough to care about moving the story along. Farting on people was funny though.


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Fallout 3. I'd just finished first two, when the third was announced. Even though, it looked like an FPS, it was fine for me. But first I'd reached level 20 and realised, that this is the end. Then was that fucking robot. Then "yeah, I'm a mutant, but you should go and die". Then I realised, that Bethesda just ate the elements and plots of first two games and vomited this.
Prey (2017). I was hoping, that all the enemies in this game will use deceiving instead of brute force, but... Even those fuckers, who can turn into cups were doing it wrong, like transforming in front of me or waiting until I will come closer and bash them with a wrench. Also, this game has so little to offer. I'd found shotgun in the first two hours of this game and used it till the end, because there was nothing else to surpass it. Nightmare - get close, activate bullet time, 5 shotgun shells, dead. Is this suppose to be the strongest enemy in the entire game? And I was playing on hard! And the fact, that the ending is based on your decisions... That's ok, but there is no real reason to be evil. If you help people, they give you stuff, if you don't... You get more alien tissue? There is enough of it already.


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I am still trying to get into the game due to the style but I had two attempts to get into Killer 7. Its not because I don't like it but its been tough to get into the strange gameplay. I probably need to watch it online to really get a understanding of it.
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I'd suggest starting with 2 or 3. Since 1 was very unpolished in comparison. Especially with regard to controls. I found 3 to be the best one in the series.
I actually skipped onto 2 in the end, and while I got further with it than 1 I still found it pretty frustrating. Maybe I’ll give 3 a try next.

Stellaris. And I love EU and can see the appeal of CK2 even though it's not my cup of tea. I can't get into Stellaris at all. Perhaps it's too overwhelming even in ways EU4 and CK2 are not given the sheer scope of it taking place in a fictional universe and not based here on historical Earth.

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Elite Dangerous - Stuck in boring-ass space with a starship that handles worse than a '73 Lincoln and every ship function is hidden under pages of convoluted menus, so basic landing/docking procedures are near fucking impossible. That however, is even if you're lucky enough to land anywhere, because the game forces you to radio-in three DAMN times and ID your ship before you can get clearance to enter and dock. Even though it's future-space 4077 A.D., you somehow have to feather the gas during hyper-jumps or you'll just rip right past your intended solar system and end-up wrecking during a hasty U-turn or shit-whippin' off into deep space without fuel to return. No autopilot in future-space apparently.


Tomb Raider Underworld and Soul Calibur 5 were massive disappointments. The latter had a good character creator, but the story mode and forced next gen characters were so shitty they dragged the rest of the game down. Silent Hill Downpour also turned out to be a hot mess.
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Oh oh wait I thought of another one. Dark Souls 2 and Demon's Souls for pretty much the exact opposite reasons. Yui seemed to completely miss the stance that Miazaki has stood by since Demon's, the games aren't intentionally difficult, it just comes as a natural step from the mechanics and gameplay. Yui bought into the ideology that almost everyone who knows Dark Souls as nothing more than "uhhh dark soul hard game 4 tru g4mers" and put so much emphasis on the game being difficult that it subtracted from making the game actually fun. Demon's souls on the otherhand I couldn't enjoy because it was really good. Good but it runs like ass, looks even worse than Dark Souls 1 and doesn't have the same stellar map design as Dark Souls 1. The lore's also really hard for me to get into which is weird since I ate up DS1's and DS3's stories for way longer than I'd like to admit, not to mention BloodBorne. I still mildly enjoy DS2's pvp when my shitty internet can handle it. Exact opposite in the sense that I have genuine critiques of Dark Souls 2 but only didn't enjoy Demon's because of it's feeling and don't really have much more of a critique than that.
Axiom Verge - got good reviews and Super Metroid is one of my all time favourites, so thought I'd really enjoy it. But it's one of the ugliest games I've ever played, with grating music and dull gameplay.

Dragon Age - certainly not a bad game, I could just never get into it.

Halo - again they are good games, but I could never get invested in the world.

Dead Rising - the AI and save system made it infuriating to play.
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