Gaming Moments That Make You Feel Like DSP - C'mon, Man!


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The first time I played Half-Life 2 was sometimes last decade. Still in the first third of the game I got really stuck on one part and could not figure out how to go on... I checked various text walkthroughs, but I was stuck as something so trivial none of them even mentioned it. I was unable to pass a section that walkthroughs mentioned as "go through here.." if at all. I don't really remember what it was all about, as my brain erased it as some kinda trauma, but it was real bad.

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The fucking Demon in Pain & Demon from Below/Demon Prince fight in DS3. Those fuckers took me like a week to beat and when I finally did, I kept dropping summon signs so I could beat the fuck out of them again.

It's seriously one of the only DS bosses that still piss me off.


Running Demolition mission in MW5M, take a different path to target that puts me on a high vantage point so I can just rain dumbfired LRMs on target buildings with little fear of reprisal from defenses. Notice a Manticore tank taking shots at me from below and missing, laugh as it trundles off in some seemingly random direction because it can't path directly to me, continue destroying target.

Almost done demolishing target, suddenly get shot in the back with a PPC and lose my LRM rack to a crit.

It's that Manticore and he found a good angle.

Fucking Enenra and Yatsu-no-Kami from Nioh 2. They're the first two bosses and they kicked my ass a bunch before I got them down. I don't pretend I'm great at those kind of games, but still.


I got stuck in Okami for at least 2 hours trying to get to the temple in the northern region where you have to get past the cannons because I completely forgot about the time slow skill. Just embarrassing really, checking the brush skills in the menu would have cleared that right up


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I remember first booting up Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (I believe) and getting to the first locked door in the game. You had to use an lockpick to open it. I tried, for several hours, to figure out how to work the lockpick (with the tutorial pop-up floating on the screen) until I said fuck it and returned the game to the store.

When I tried the game years later I found out how easy it was. I recall punching myself in the face for it.

Fucking Midir and Sister Friede, took me ages to beat them in Dark Souls 3
The fucking Demon in Pain & Demon from Below/Demon Prince fight in DS3. Those fuckers took me like a week to beat and when I finally did, I kept dropping summon signs so I could beat the fuck out of them again.

It's seriously one of the only DS bosses that still piss me off.
The version of the Demon Prince that summons the meteors is annoying as fuck, I always kill the Demon from Below last to get the one that shoots the laser instead, nowhere near as annoying.

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Playing through Metroid Prime recently, I decided to actually use the other beam weapons in combat. I'd never really used them outside of contextual events like doors or activating switches in my previous runs. I wish I realized how much more useful the wave and ice beams were sooner; the power beam is weak as shit but when I played the game in the past it was basically all I used. I always thought the enemies were too spongy from the mid-game onward, but no, it's because I was using literally the worst beam weapon against them.

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Recently came back into possession of Command & Conquer Remastered. I loved the first gen C&C games and made some levels for them and posted them online about 20+ years ago, and they are sadly lost because I want to play them again. Original C&C was surprisingly moddable for a 1995 strategy game. Thanks to Web 1.0 autists who built tools to take apart the game assets files and then puzzle out Westwood's scripting language, it was very possible to build one's own levels, and literally just podge the files into the game folder and they'd appear in the "New Missions" tab.

Anyhow. It reminded me of a real DSP moment I had back in the day.

Nod level 9 starts off as a commando level. You have a commando, and shortly after you shoot up a few GDI sentries with him a helicopter arrives and unloads some rocket men. A further chopper lands in a village and drops off some engineers. So now you have a nice lil' attack force, right? You can blam enemy tanks with the rocket men, one-shot infantry and bomb defences with the commando, and capture their refineries and production buildings with the engineers.

Now, it's screamingly obvious in retrospect that once you've gathered together all your forces you should head south where there's a base that the briefing tells you to reinforce and then start building up an army from. However I didn't do this. I thought that the obvious thing was to run straight at the enemy base, which is heavily defended on all sides with heavy machine gun towers, missile towers, walls to corral your guys into a killbox, and even attack helicopters that sally out to pick up your forces on the way in.

I died.

Again, and again, and again. I spent many days attempting to micro my guys in such a way that they would survive long enough to get the commando in to start bombing all their buildings.

It was only when I thought, hmm, I wonder what's down here, and went to the southern half of the map, that I realised how you were actually supposed to solve the level.

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I tried out something called "Phogs!" on gamepass and the tutorial area was already so irritating and everything I decided to uninstall it without even popping an achievement.

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First time fighting Rathalos in mh world was a legitimate 4 hour wall of getting my ass kicked in expedition mode, chasing it, getting my ass kicked again because aerial monsters are a bitch to fight with short range melee weapons, breaking its tail but getting fucked up the ass by the fact its talons are poison, ass kicked again, I get some nice combos in and then boom the Rathalos flees the area. I shuffle between maps until it's back in the map I want to fight it on, rinse and repeat the above until I stopped since I was fighting sloppy and having a cringe gamer rage moment, took a nap, then woke up and killed one first try. I slaughtered it in front of its mate since it retreated to its nest, then immediately afterwards I killed the Rathian (so much easier) too. Feels good :)

I know 4 hours isn't much for devolving into Game Reviewer tier shit skill level, especially with a game that does have a skill and learning curve, but I was ready to get mad at the controller or punch a wall so I think it was a very potent 4 hours.


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Ninja Gaiden 2 in general makes me feel like DSP. I love this game but man is it sooo bullshit at times. NGB was pretty hard too but in that game I always felt like it was my fault when I died. In NG2 there's quite a few moments where the game goes wild and throws a ton of shit at you and it's insane. I love and hate it at the same time.