[gay and unfunny do not watch] Rollin' and griefin' -

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Jesus christ if this is the only footage you got why'd you even bother uploading it? this is unwatchable man, not fit for human consumption at all

backstory this is from like a 30min gmod session of me and like 3 other ppl killing time and very clearly putting in zero effort whatsoever - this recording in no way constitutes an official WIZ DUM GUN release and does not pass our company quality assurance standards. I offer my sincerest apologies to anyone who sat through this entire recording waiting for something funny to happen
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That's pretty cool how you figured out how to play music over your mic in video games
Now you just need to figure out how to be funny :^)
Lol but it's so epic when you play super loud music over the mic. xD

Bonus shitty video of a marine that I can't make public because it has some dudes address in it.