Gayle, the Hero KF doesnt deserve, but needs - Q&A -


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I wanted to start an "Ask Gayle" thread, and have gotten approval from the lady herself.

Post any of your Gayle questions here and she will respond. I'm sure @THE WRITER will be kind enough to verify that HRH will grace us with her presence.

Questions are not limited to DN. Please feel free to ask her about anything. Who knows what she might say? Someone as based as Gayle might answer everyone. We shall see!

Let the Gayle Q&A commence!!

Alex Krycek

russian bot
How did you feel about the Reuben Baron interview?
Did you contribute to the writing process of DN at all? Write any of your own character's persona maybe?

Also just wanted to say all of you are immensely talented, DN is the best.


Boo's Boo
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Were you aware of when Jan was busy with a livestream? Or did you just hear questionable screaming coming from his room and decide it was best not to interfere with whatever was going on?
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Were all of your appearances planned ahead of time, or did you ever walk in on Jan while he was playing the Jace character and just decide to play along? Also you're really cool, your appearance during the final livestream was awesome.
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When were you first introduced to the manual papermaking process, and at what point did you begin to approach it at the level of dedication that you have for it today?
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