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In 1994, a team of students broke in to the abandoned Missisipi state asylum seeking to document the untouched ruins and to uncover the source of the local legend surrounding the so called "Wigged Witch Wendigo"

They were never seen again.

Twenty years later, as the crumbling structure was being demolished, a broken camera encrusted with dried blood was found in the basement, wrapped up inside the tattered jacket of one of the missing students, alongside a rusty space camp participation medal, the bones of several small dogs, an unread copy of "Game Development for Dummies: Remedial Edition", a number of Chinese restaurant menus, and the desiccated, mummified genitalia of what could have been a donkey or an elk.

Only one photo, badly decomposed, was recovered from the film and the main subject was identified as one of the missing students, Natalie O Brien.

Her fate, and that of the others in her team, remains unknown.


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