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This one has a third panel

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and is by redkatherinee / rredpeach

She's Radfem and if you google you'll see endless tumblr meltdowns of the special snowflakes over her content, as well as attempting to lambast anyone who'd reblog her fanart.
Radfem content is cringe though

Denmark Mafia

care bears and wrasslin
This thread would be nothing without some ResetEra lunacy sponsored by @DriveByTrolling


Smaug's Smokey Hole
What's the story behind this? Is the photo below taken before the ones up top? When was the photo below taken?
I would guess that it's taken at AGDQ 2013. On the left is Cosmo, above him is his womansona Narcissa. One year later at AGDQ something happened that broke his brain. While speedrunning Zelda or something his longtime girlfriend decided to become polyamorous with the other nerds and his internet friends. It's my suspicion that this sent him down the path of becoming his own perfect woman.

Thumbnail of people describing what was going on, it's mainly about another streamers girlfriend. Big picture so click the arrow in the top right to have it open full size in another window(or right click - view image in firefox or open image in new tab in chrome).
games agdq cosmo eA0FfQO.png

Short version from reddit. There's a thread on the guy here as well that have more info on everything.
games agdq cosmored.JPG
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