Gene Wasserberg - RIP - Tom's dad has died

Can you summarize it, I can't watch it for a few hours. Did he mention the hermaphrodite thing?

How about a transcript to go along with the clip posted by @AnOminous?


My brother Tommy, who could not be here, uh did send some words and Alan's gonna share them with us.

So Tommy writes: The truth of our relationship is that we loved each other in our way. Jews are well-known for their love-hate relationships, and the second son and father drama is most often the worst. This is not hate, but passion and hard love. Gene was trying to make a man out of me, and I wasn't going for that real well at all. If the worst thing that can honestly be said about Gene Wasserberg was that he found fault in everything but himself, that's really a good man, just a tedious one to deal with. Dad's reasoning may have been objectionable about a lot of things, but he was accurate with his facts. He taught me my foundations in political science and the way of the pragmatist. There are maybes to every yes or no answer about nearly everything, and certainly in social matters. My father was active and lucid right up to the end, and died painlessly in just a few days after his mind flew the coop, with his daughter at his side. He lived a relatively pain free life and inflicted almost no pain on others, beyond being the always correct person that he admitted to being and a whole lot of large-mouth bass that he caught and filleted. But the ones he caught were really tasty, so that was cool. The fish he tortured by suckering them into striking artificial baits, reeling them in, [bossing?] them in a [live well?] for a few hours, weighing them, and then releasing them back into the lake to get suckered into striking spinner baits again. For this, my father earned minor footnote in the history of catch and release tournament bass fishing, and maintained his peace of mind in the face of the relentless and steadily escalating stupidity in the world around us for the past half-century. My father kept himself in a good place throughout his life, and made sure that I was able to fend for myself without him. He's in a good place now, and with me as I write this.