General BronyCon Announcement. (video) -

Wake me up

CωC Club founder
Chris is choosing to disregard the fact that the entire Brony community has blocked him on Twitter and actively hate him. This is going to be a complete shitshow. I'll be surprised if they let him into the building, for starters.

If they do let him enter, it's gonna be glorious though. I'm making popcorn!


Wolf Fang Whatever
God, Chris looks old.
Like a moldy food item that's been forgotten in the back of the fridge.

And I love the part where chris says he's more sincere and more good now as if you can just declare it without showing evidence of these traits. Why stop there? He should declare that he's thin, strong, beautiful, and the smartest and richest (wo)man in the world while he's at it?

Security's going to have a hard enough time wrangling chris and keeping up with all his fake troll reports. Its possible he's going to try and get people thrown out for not approving of a 40 year old snorlax-spawn groping them in public.

Marissa Moira
View attachment 867178 who the fuck displays their transformers in vehicle mode!? if you're gonna do that, then just buy a hotwheels car
Faggots who buy Masterpiece Transformers do that because it's a REAL LOICENSED SCALE VEHICLE.

It's a shame that Habsro hasn't revealed the next generation of Ponies yet. They already killed Equestria Girls suddenly last week, which means they already have the successor series accounted for.

There is going to be a shitload of salt for the new series. It's a new reboot which means it could usurp FIM's place in people's hearts and minds.

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