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I'm actually going to BronyCon this weekend (I know, sue me). One thing I've been wondering was what are the odds of me actually seeing him there? I've heard they've got 11,000 people attending.
Don’t forget to do a flip off the roof into the shallow pool ok?
ME is probably a better fit, what with the crashing into slumber and everything
Nah, his brain running MS-DOS 6.0 because he’d be forgetting and crashing.


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You're gonna get kicked (AND you gonna bitch, whine, and cry in the end about it!), Chris - simple as that. If you act stupid, of course (which is 99% of the time... UGH.).
I'm just hoping he gets ignored, more than anything - honestly, no one should have to get in trouble anywhere, because Chris actin' the fool, let alone having to be confronted with his filth-and-squalor-based BS ever.
Where are the black knights to sit the fuck down and have a nice, reasonable chat with the white knights, to tell them that no one needs to be coddled like this, when you fucking need them, honestly?

Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures - and Chris could stand to be shown some honesty about what being a coward all your life deserves.
Why are you so angry at Chris?


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is he stroking out while pausing? is he even aware of it?
That's what I wanna know. Is he doing it on purpose. He's lost his mind enough that he may be trying brain blast any trolls that might be watching.

Winning $1000 for toy shopping screwed Chris over for life.
I think if it hadn't been his Sonic obsession, he would've jumped on to something else. Cause even his Sonic lore is pretty basic. Not in depth as much as his pokemon obsession, and doesn't even touch his autistic fetish for my little pony.
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I'm actually going to BronyCon this weekend (I know, sue me). One thing I've been wondering was what are the odds of me actually seeing him there? I've heard they've got 11,000 people attending.
Sounds like 11,000 more victims of mass shootings. DO IT FAGGOTS!

Please guys don't call the cops, I'm just kiddin' and have nothing to do with that autistic cumulation.

JESUS Fuckkk he looks BAD wonder whats going on that has him looking that sick and stress!! Eyes sunken in, bags the size of Texas, seeing some stress zits on his chin and ect.

Huh wonder if he realizes his ticket might be punched soon and he will be called to the great merge in the sky?

(Edited since I cant words)

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Not even Bronycon wants him, I'd bet money he's partly the reason they're (supposedly) closing up shop, he started going these past two years and suddenly kiwis and wenies alike are either going too or drawing bad publicity to it...well more than usual at least.
Chris isn't anywhere near the most autistic pony-related freak that will be there. I guess he is, in some sense, a symptom of the problem though. Now that the fandom has become even more of a circus the only people going are the ones who are the butt of the joke while everyone else stays away for fear of catching the tism.

Luckily whichever kiwis are going already have it.

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