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Long rant, includes comparisons to the furry community

It destroyed a decent chunk of my faith in humanity because I realised how entitled, myopic and abusive so many people can be and use a special status to get away with it, and how autogynephilia's pervasiveness in the trans community, masking as genuine trans activism, was actually a real thing.

I understand the need for trans activism--its something there is a lot of stigma against, there will be activists til it's normalised in society as a thing some people need (after EXTENSIVE psych analysis and counselling).

But my god these activists need to clean house. I am seeing the same problem as with furries.

Someone in the zoosadism thread pointed out that furries never figured out a decent identity, who should and shouldn't be classified as a part of the community in the early days. everyone got lumped in together and it never properly got sorted out.

Meanwhile, most of them genuinely aren't zoophiles or zoosadists, but where are zoophiles and zoosadists going to be drawn? A community of people who like animals, some of whom like sexualising anthropomorphicized versions of those animals.

By the time some of the "popufurs" were known to also be into zoophilia, zoosadism, cub porn, etc, they were too entrenched in the community. Instead of initiating a purge, burn, and salt the earth mentality, and repeating it every time it was necessary in order to root out these unethical, illegal, psychopathic abusive and honestly horrifying behaviours and people, the furry community makes some attempts but then eventually just gives up tries to cover it up, excuse it or ignore it. Because there is safety in numbers and a community reputation to think of.

They prefer a larger community with a louder voice, rather than a smaller one that might have a smaller voice but is also free of sick abusive manipulative fucks.

Tell me that doesn't sound like the trans community and their autogynephilia problem. The only difference is that autogynephilia isn't illegal while animal abuse is, so its easier to camouflage getting turned on by your feminised body as just a normal part of being trans. And they can use moralising arguments and shaming much more effectively.

I cannot respect that lack of integrity and the group-think and control.

As I am someone who just wants everyone to be happy and treat each other with respect and acknowledge each others' human rights... the realisation that what I call progressive social justice would now be called right-wing oppression by SJWs is just mind-boggling to me.

Never thought I would be a person who used a word like troon but it's increasingly hard to not use because now I understand with the stereotype comes from, and if a person says theyre trans but also displays some particular characteristics, I can't help but think... yeah, that's a troon.

The Geek Social Fallacies strike again. When you never take out the trash, it piles up and starts to reek.

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The Geek Social Fallacies strike again. When you never take out the trash, it piles up and starts to reek.

Holy shit. I've been trying to re-find the article about Geek Social Fallacies for so long but I couldn't remember what they were called. Without the GSF tag all my search terms were just vague af. So thank you very much for mentioning them.

I never thought of applying these to things like furry fandom and troons but it works way too well. I guess any niche interest that becomes an identity is susceptible.

Link for anyone interested is . Should probably be required reading for anyone struggling with their social group or their social life in general.

I know its a social contagion that has lead to the normalization of open autogynephilia but fuck man. It was entertaining when Chris did it because he was one of the first but it seems like every self-loathing low-testosterone beta male is resorting to becoming some sort of cringy parody of the girl they'll never have... or resorting to becoming a "lesbian" to expand their dataing pool. Estrogen injections pretty much solidify their lolcow status because it drives all them all insane.

They're all the same -- some mentally ill dude who's into some sort of "nerd" related thing (fandoms mostly) who attention whore by being obnoxious, irrational and sicking their followers (of other equally mentally ill individuals) on people for being not playing pretend with them.

The only thing that makes them entertaining is the fact that none of them ever pass, even after all the treatments.

I'm just looking for a decent lolcow to follow but all I find are tranies, tranies and more tranies.
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Trannies are mentality ill blights on society that exist solely for our amusement. A good majority of them are autistic, have deviant fetishes they openly discuss, most trooned out as an "easy escape" from their life, of course most of them are documented as cows here. Trannies and lolcowdom go together like Oreos and milk

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Russel Greer is a great non-tranny cow if you haven't checked him out. Rebecca Gerber is another, another granted she plays lip service to being some kind of gender special. Lowtax is a personal favorite due to enjoying Something Awful 20 years ago. The community thread for the SA forums is trannies all the way down though. Youtube Famous is usually ripe with some kind of drama. I don't get most of Beauty Parlor because I'll never be a true and honest woman, but it is really active.

Trannies do dominate, but there's plenty still out there.

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Because these men wish to emulate women, but know very little of what being a woman is actually like. They act overly dramatic, cause problems wherever they go, and then blame this on their "feminine" brains. All of their issues stem from being pedantic assholes, then they add to the hilarity by deciding that they are actually women, and that's why they act the way they do. Blaming gender on behaviour is always silly.

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Transgenderism is a baffling subject, and one I’m no expert in. Alas, I have spent my fare share of faggotry on /lgbt/ and therefore have witnessed some...things. So here’s a bee that’s been buzzing in my bonnet. Obviously, someone’s reasoning for transition are typically psychological (hence the high rates of autism and mental illness that appear in transgender people) and therefore ridiculously hard to understand. Because of the psychological aspect of transgenderism, it tends to attract people with more pathological motivations. Of course some do it because they’re degenerates who have hit rock bottom (Tommy Tooter), while some tend do it for attention (Yaniv), and others do it for pervertedly sexual reasons (Contrapoints).

This is kind of my problem with Blanchardist AGP vs HSTS theory (along with the fact that it is a very specific construct applied in a psychological and sociological perspective to a large group of people, and will therefore have the flaws that come with that whole academic shtick), as it uses sexuality in its primary reason for transition. This and other non-flowery attempts at categorizing and pathologizing transsexuals ignore the abundance of factors that come into play. Factors which are often found in the most exceptional of people.
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Personally, my exceptional uninformed take is that being a tranny is a great mental health screen. If you call a tranny crazy your transphobic, even if what he's doing has nothing to do with gender identity. A lot of crazy people like being crazy and hate being on their meds, the trooning out lets him live the serotonin life and no buddy can criticize them for their actions.

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Simple answer, they want to be on the "right side" of history as an attempt to gain social acceptance so they can use they're self-described gender identity as a shield while yelling "transphobe" at any shame and criticism they receive.
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Trannyism is specifically engineered and targeted towards the exact kind of mentally ill wastes of life that tend to become cows.
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Trannies are mentality ill blights on society that exist solely for our amusement. A good majority of them are autistic, have deviant fetishes they openly discuss, most trooned out as an "easy escape" from their life, of course most of them are documented as cows here. Trannies and lolcowdom go together like Oreos and milk


Only five years later he castrated himself. Is also a deathfat.


Thank fucking god its all coming to the light.
Looking through sex reassignment surgery results is my morbid hobby
shit looks like someone tried to tunnel half way into a flesh colored bucket of pus
don't get me started on the fake dongs, its somehow worse.
What makes me chuckle is barely anyone talks about the horrors of these surgeries, I think they want everyone to fail as badly as they have to feel somehow validated

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