General transgender discussion thread - Take the tranny related debates here.


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I think that just because there are functioning alcoholics, doesn't mean they're not alcoholics.

Same thing with insane people.

They need help. They need to seek help. They need a reality check.

Nearly everyone has blind spots about self-perception, you know? For years I thought I was a good cook. Now I've begun to learn to cook and realise how much I sucked.

There are people who vastly over or underestimate their capability. Women who think they look young because men have learned to lie to older women. Men who think they are weaker because they internalize the Strong Woman archetype in media.

So yes, people will also have wrong perception on more basic stuff. Their ethnicity. Who their parents are. Their age. And their sex.

It's just being insane at a more fundamental level. Some are more functioning, but they're still insane. Most people care too sane than to deny their own sex. It often goes paired with dissasociative drugs like ketamine, or mindstates, like prolonged depression.

When people negate themselves so fundamentally and are suicidal, letting go of any part of their identity is not a big stretch. Their name, their sex, who cares? Then when they go into it and get all the positive feedback from lgbt types and media, extra followers on instagram and so on, then it is such a positive experience, why go back?

Now if the original issue gets fixed, you might be a functioning troon and traded one problem for another. If it doesn't, you're a dysfunctional troon and now have two problems instead of one.


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Troons are to Trannies as Blacks are to Niggers

or at least, that's the narrative. NATALT.
This is true, but in the same way that not all black people are nigs, but all nigs are black. Trans and Troons are just different by degrees of insanity, and there are no sane trans people.
Like in the furry community where the degenerates naturally outweigh the non, majority rules can be applied fairly.


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Russel Greer is a great non-tranny cow if you haven't checked him out. Rebecca Gerber is another, another granted she plays lip service to being some kind of gender special. Lowtax is a personal favorite due to enjoying Something Awful 20 years ago.
It's still hard to escape troons. For instance, why is Low-T a lolcow? Largely because he's so lazy that he ignored his forum to the point it was taken over by insane trannies and now he has to suck their dicks or be cancelled. So he sucks their dicks, and that's why he's a pathetic lolcow. It's like his punishment for starting SA is to spend the rest of his life sucking the dicks of the dudes he used to make fun of.

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Cross-post from the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) thread where a wild tranny was spotted wearing sensible protest gear for long marches and clashes with riot police:

This is what I do not understand about transgender psychology.
Do they think they are fooling anyone by dressing this way?
Can they not see that biological females do not dress like that in those situations?
Is it just a ruse to be like "LOOK AT ME!" and get both ass-pats and looks of horror?
Is their weird sissyfication/AGP fetish so intense that they get off on this behavior in public?



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This is what I do not understand about transgender psychology.
Do they think they are fooling anyone by dressing this way?
It's just generic troon behavior. For some reason it's completely inconceivable to them to shave their fucking five o'clock shadow but then they'll make their lives ridiculously more difficult by wearing ridiculous high heels when it is completely inappropriate and impractical. It doesn't make sense because they're insane.


Thank fucking god its all coming to the light.
they manage to out themselves so painfully as the most cringe people on any platform
the rainbow backgrounds, the stupid haircuts and clothing choices, the hogwarts house and MBTI type in the bio, the predictable woke BS that just follows whatever trend, not even going into transbiens and AGP shit thats all about invading female spaces for self gratification. trans men are the quiet ones and usually get a pass from me because they're chill and not super performative. but the no gender asexual gay oriented women LARPing as some demi boy nonsense are possibly the worst of the bunch, they aren't in it for legitimate reasons OR sexual ones, they exist solely for woke points and attention


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One thing that bothers me about trans "women" (biologically male) is how they tend to act out the most extreme/negative stereotypes of femininity - vapid and ditzy, obsessed with clothes and makeup, catty - to somehow compensate for their male upbringing and prove they're true and honest women, but acting out these stereotypes often has the opposite effect - when was the last time you saw a natal woman get excited because "skirt go spinny"?

Yet they'll often still have hobbies/interests that are male dominated - programming, gaming, nerd culture in general - and make it harder for actual women who like those things to be taken seriously or find other women with those hobbies, as the communities are so infested with trannies who can get rather creepy with their envy of female biology (periods, pregnancy and the like) and are loud and clear about this envy since they're socially inept and were neckbeards before trooning out, so it becomes rather off-putting.

Having played video games since I was a child and more recently getting very into tabletop, this is something I've certainly noticed when looking for other women who enjoy these things - the troons in some fandoms give the illusion of there being more female fans than there really are, but they can and will get very obnoxious about their status as transgender and that they're totes real gamer gurlz!!!! and to avoid being labelled as TERFs the women in these communities just sit back and let them flounce around. It's prevalent for games like WoW in particular, games in which you can customise your character as you see fit, including choosing gender, and a lot of troons will boast about how having a sexy female avatar "cracked their egg".

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I'm sympathetic too. I've also realised now that the amount of people claiming they are NB is just our current generation's way of saying "I don't like and don't identify with the way society sees my gender." And instead of living in defiance of that and seeking to change society's norms, and fix the problem, they've opted out.

I see it as a symptom of people just wanting to be treated as people regardless of our gender presentation and identity.

Mild PL, I honestly thought I was NB for a long time before I figured this out. I'm not. I was just fatigued from a fundamentalist childhood that taught me to look down on women, and trying to distance myself from the shit our society puts on both genders. "Women are less competent, men are disposable." At the time I was not mentally and emotionally resilient enough to cope with the reality of a lot of things. Guess what, I went to therapy.
What you say seems very true.

I know a couple of NBs, one male with dysphoria, one female with no dysphoria. The male wishes they'd been born female, but is realistic and knows that there's no way a 6'2'' person would pass and surgical transition is a fool's errand. This person would be a TW but is sensible enough to leave things as they are.

The female NB didn't come out until very late. They say that they'd always felt very uncomfortable about sexist stereotypes and then one day they were reading about NB identities online and realised that they were NB. The thing is, I don't know anyone who woman fits every sexist stereotype and instead we point out sexism when it crops up. I wonder how many NBs would be gender-critical but don't want to

a) call out the sexism inherent in the trans community
b) join the 'TERFs', a group who the trans community think are right wing & full of old women

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Well they are though.
Right wing? The majority of GC women I know or follow on social media are exLibDem, Labour or the Green voters (I'm in the UK) but will not due to the parties' stance that trans rights don't conflict women's rights. Sure, if someone is right wing they won't like trans people, but that will be due to direct transphobia rather than a concern for women's rights, etc.


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Right wing? The majority of GC women I know or follow on social media are exLibDem, Labour or the Green voters (I'm in the UK) but will not due to the parties' stance that trans rights don't conflict women's rights. Sure, if someone is right wing they won't like trans people, but that will be due to direct transphobia rather than a concern for women's rights, etc.
Most terves are left-leaning since most feminists period are left-leaning, and there is quite a wide age range though I'd agree it leans more towards the 30+ demographic. Being old enough to have kids is a major contributor to terfdom. It's easy enough to believe the differences between men and women are socially constructed until you get pregnant, have a kid, and reality smacks you in the fucking face.

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'Disclosure', new 'trannies in Hollywood' including that Matrix nutjob in its ranks. It was okay, but once more, it involves only very well passing, powerful, rich trannies, outside said Matrix nutjob who is clearly a man, and not the actual average tranny who wants to beat up women and look like a father of 3 doing it.

It's so easy to talk about these social "issues" at the highest level of cosmetic perfection. It was pretty hilarious how large a part sex work played in that documentary though. "It's not all we are", as if sex work to any capacity is normal. Let alone why it's so common for these people.

Overall a bad documentary that once more didn't address any of the real issues; making a fetish out of half the planet's existence and demanding respect doing it.

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It pisses me off when you bring up the simplest argument to a troon and they say something along the lines of "You're denying my existence!!" Like, no, you are standing right here, lookin' like a carbon lifeform... so, obviously I think you exist. What kind of argument even is that? And, yeah, I think trans people exist. How else would we be able to define these fuckin' lunatics? "Trans", as in "transition", as in you're in a perm limbo, never to reach the destination.