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Love Saw It
True & Honest Fan
I actually want Drew McIntyre to win but I think we all know Roman is gonna win because of his illness.

Now that I look at him, I think he's Ironfist

EDIT: Wikipedia has that match at 0:55 seconds
He was Misterio from Spiderman. The purple cape did it, and Iron Fist's outfit isn't scaled.

Fun Fact: every Mysterio WM match where he dresses as a villain have ended within 2 minutes.


Cram it in me, baby!
Ah hell, good for you, Kofi. You deserved a moment in the sun, even if the belt is going to Braun or Roman tomorrow night.


Love Saw It
True & Honest Fan
Let's remember the time Kurt Angle actually lost a real wrestling match in WWE.

Kurt looks like he's out of gas already.

That was absolutely terrible.


This is a travesty.

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