Genndy Tartovkosky's Primal - New show from the Creator of Dexter's Lab, Clone Wars, Samurai Jack, and Sym-Biotic Titan

Marissa Moira
Are there any people reacting negatively to the show's premise that involves a caveman and dinosaurs, since humans and dinosaur never met?
That's why I think it's going to have a post apocalyptic twist. It's clear that this is a labor of love and a ton of thought has gone into it that it can't be an intentional oversight.


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You already have MUH FEATHERS spergs hating the series because he made raptors human sized and gave them no feathers. Now while some dromeosaurs had quill spikes instead of avian flight feathers that many furries and globohomos scientists show them as, we now know for certain that T-Rex did not have feathers.

And to be double extra cynical what are the chances that a "woke" message about global warming gets thrown into the series? This is Turner after all and they made Captain Planet.
Genndy doesn't seem like the type for moral messages in his cartoons, even Samurai Jack in season 5 was pretty clean of it. Closest thing any work of his has to moral messages is Symbionic Titan's recurring "we gotta trust one another" theme and Hotel Transylvania 2's blatant racism/autism allegory but that was mostly Robert Smigel's doing.

Are there any people reacting negatively to the show's premise that involves a caveman and dinosaurs, since humans and dinosaur never met?
None that I can see. I've only seen like one comment bitching and sperging about the lack of feathers on dinosaurs, and about 5 or so saying that this is probably like Thundarr the Barbarian meets Korgoth of Barbaria. Also there's plenty of media that's done this concept before and ignored the inconsistency for the sake of entertainment.


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I have a feeling that this may be too artsy for the Adult Swim crowd.

It sounds like he's not going to speak for the entire series outside some reactionary grunts.

I dunno how many people would be interested in a TV series that's nothing but a character study.
I'm just glad this isn't going to Toonami, I know someone who bitched about that on FB.

not william stenchever

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If anyone wants befeathered dinosaurs there is the Destroyermen series of books. A fictional OTL USN destroyer, USS Walker (a Fletcher from WWI) gets sent back in time from 1941 due to a spoopy storm (and a Japanese battlecruiser chasing them through). They end up in an alternate universe where dinosaurs survived and one of the major factions are sentient feathered raptors.

Allosaurs made relatively small by living on islands are not fun to encounter, just so you know. The only way to ensure the survival of the individuals in the shore party is to turn a 20mm antiaircraft cannon into a breechloading monster-slayer rifle.

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