Genndy Tartovkosky's Primal - New show from the Creator of Dexter's Lab, Clone Wars, Samurai Jack, and Sym-Biotic Titan


This will all end in tears, I just know it.
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I saw the second episode when it aired on Adult Swim & now I'm watching the first online. It's significantly different from what I was expecting.


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It's actually less gritty than I was expecting.

I don't expect Tartovkosky to go so gritty and realistic that his trademark humor or occasional lightheartedness don't shine through. I could tell that wasn't going to happen just based on some of the main character's facial expressions in the previews.

Tartovkosky has never really been interested in hyperrealism or narrative complexity to the exclusion of cool ideas, action, and humor. He's fine with using simplistic, even cliched, concepts and storytelling tropes to set up what he really cares about. So I'm not surprised the dinosaur has human facial expressions and behaves like no real dinosaur would. Or that Spear exists at the same time period as Fang. Etc.

I liked the first episode. Would I like something even darker with this setup? Probably. But this is damn dark for Tartovkosky, so I'm pretty pleased.
Genndy doesn't seem like the type for moral messages in his cartoons, even Samurai Jack in season 5 was pretty clean of it. Closest thing any work of his has to moral messages is Symbionic Titan's recurring "we gotta trust one another" theme and Hotel Transylvania 2's blatant racism/autism allegory but that was mostly Robert Smigel's doing.

None that I can see. I've only seen like one comment bitching and sperging about the lack of feathers on dinosaurs, and about 5 or so saying that this is probably like Thundarr the Barbarian meets Korgoth of Barbaria. Also there's plenty of media that's done this concept before and ignored the inconsistency for the sake of entertainment.

((((Robert Smigel)))))'s doing

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Absolutely love this. The story might be simple, but it executed juuust right to make the whole thing great. Love how without any words at all you clearly can see how different the characters can be, how and what they feel at the moment. Can't wait to see more and maybe learn something from it.

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