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I think that would probably fail to tell you anything interesting, because unlike the furrymap (which is self-reported), this would have to be done by an outside person, so you'd only be getting a sample of lolcows KF or whatever other site has found, and would probably not be representative of any trends. Still, it would be funny if my general theory that they're concentrated in left wing areas is true.

I'm also very surprised there aren't as many French furries. I always imagined them to be ridiculously depraved weirdos.


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Maybe there's a way to map twatter location? I've seen way too many furries that write down their location accurately either on the bio side or some of their posts.
That could work, but there's definitely a lot of lolcows who don't use Twitter. Soygon is banned, and I'm guessing there's many more on the right who're banned too.

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The big issue with trying to map them is the fact that there are a lot of cows who don't know English at all and post outside the English speaking internet. I've seen cows/possible cows from Russia, Japan, Western Europe, and Latin America who would never see the light of day on here outside the international subforum. There's a lot of weird art on Pixiv for example, or some crazy Russian furries.


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If I had more time and less laziness I'd go through the first few pages of threads in the general board and plot the known locations on a map.
Sure, it would just be the Anglophone cows known to the farms but I'd still be interested to see what clusters emerge from this select data set.
I think there'd be some observable trends.
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Still, it would be funny if my general theory that they're concentrated in left wing areas is true.
Well I can tell you right now the problem with this theory is left wing areas are usually densely-populated urban centers. You're going to find large samples of any population in those areas. There's more Republicans in California than there are in Wyoming.


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My personal theory about cows is that they are the product of a weird concoction of poverty and subcultures that enable deviant behavior.

Here are my two case studies:

The southern USA and Appalachia have crippling poverty, lots of small isolated towns and pretty cheap internet. People join weird ass communities like the bronies, furries and esoteric cults as a result of them spending too much time on the internet and going down some rabbit hole. They've been raised poorly because of centuries of poverty and exploitation and are broken people that'll inevitably make asses of themselves. Best examples: Digibro, Boogie, Amber, CWC.

Common traits:
-Horrifying addictions to sugar
-Fame based on rising to the top of a niche subcommunity (gaming, 4chan, fetish, etc)
-Have an actual disability that hasn't be checked on
The west coast (California->British Columbia) is Hollywood land. The whole place is a deviant subculture as a point of pride. Its rich as hell but the masses of people are poor because they're either immigrants or people with delusions of grandeur that decide to spend a retarded amount on rent and garbage. Best examples: Maddox, Zinnia, Jessica Yaniv, Susan Schofield.

Common traits:
-Deep into the identity politics game
-Attempting to rise up through some kind of profession (Journalism, Hollywood)
-Delusions of grandeur
-Always belong to a larger group (Rat king)
-View themselves as better than professionals at most things
-Want to look like they're fighting for some cause
-Unhygienic due to either trooning out or being a hippy
-Has a book
-Famous for being crazy - usually originally famous for being crazy.
I don't think its surprising that we see these places as the center of weird ass cults (Jonestown in Cali, Waco in Texas) and dumb trends like anti-vax. These places are blast furnaces for retardation.

I have a hard time listing cows from the east coast, midwest and prairies and I don't think that can be chalked up to population density.