George Andrew Junkman (Omega Mega) - What a Stupid piece of Retarded Cancer

Will Omega Mega Ever go to Prison

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Apr 29, 2020
Ladies and Gentleman, This is a tale of a young man who never listens to nobody. His is George Andrew Junkman, also known as @ProfLayton45 , but better known as Omega Mega. He has done many things very weird, very stupid and honest to god dumb. He pushes cheap shoddy malware ridden apps and games that he stole. Jacktive Active Games is his company that he uses. ( There is also a streaming service called SparxVid that he used to shill a lot. It mainly contain his content, his alt's content and other retarded people.
He also draws a lot of porn which you can see down below. Also, he runs a music website called Polybuis Records (Polybuis Recording Company) which has some pretty awful music that you should not listen to. He also is known for doxxing a bunch of people of Discord under the names DingoWingo125--#3212 (which has been hacked) and Omega Mega#9159 (which he currently uses to this day foward) He ended up doxxing himself once he was doxxing others. Thats like dodging a bullet but then getting shot. If you want to see his content, here are Two MEGA links: (Videos) (Music)
We also have a server and Discord server on this dude


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Spooky Bones

I am a deceitful person. Be wary of my intentions!
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Aug 29, 2019
The OP is bad and the author should feel bad for not researching into how they should be done (see stickies at the top of the Lolcow forum), however, the subject probably has merit. I already posted the stuff below elsewhere, but ...

He first came to my attention after posting a "book" (really just 8 pages of 20 something point font) here about what he calls "channing", calling out Kiwi Farms for being eeeevul cyberbullies.

A PSA on the subject:

George Junkman


Petition to take down Kiwi Farms including faux Chris-chan
Talking to CoolCat
Weird font


RPGMaker Project
More shitty games
Smashmouth's AllStar

@fartsnstuf then revealed that he gets into online fights with 9 year olds and shares pics of their genitals

you should see the slapfights he get into with 9 year olds

Omega Mega started fighting with this 9 year old because in typical 9 year old fashion, claimed that he can hack Omega Mega's account in retaliation; Omega Mega made and released this video:
for reference, this is what the kid looks like this:
View attachment 1216884
now, to anyone smart enough, that would've been the end of it, but VHX S, being a rebellous 9 year old, decided it was a great idea to show Omega Mega and his exceptional friends his genitals. Omega Mega and his excellent choice in friends decide to save and post the photo of the poor kid's genitals (obviously censored) and used it to expose the kid on Twitter:
the kicker? Dude had the balls to blame the kid for showing his genitals
View attachment 1216998
View attachment 1216997
View attachment 1216996
View attachment 1216995

pretty fucked if you ask me

Which he did not deny

Technically, VHX S wanted to show his genitals to me and a few others and one of my friends ended up using the screenshots when reporting him on Twitter.



From: The Oval Office
Jan 6, 2018
glad I was apparently summoned for this thread; I would like to say that Omega Mega has also made Chris Chan's penis and @Nairu can testify as he was in the Christian Weston Chandler discord and saw it in full detail


and actually met up with Chris Chan (mostly taken a photo from afar) as noted in this photo from Instagram under his old account:


Spooky Bones

I am a deceitful person. Be wary of my intentions!
True & Honest Fan
Aug 29, 2019

Spooky Bones

I am a deceitful person. Be wary of my intentions!
True & Honest Fan
Aug 29, 2019
@JukeBoxx59 You're a fucking sped trying to make a shit thread on yourself.
Well, that was quick. Was it confirmed him, then? (@ProfLayton45) It makes sense, though, jibes with his earlier attempts to get KF's attention. He had just PM'd me with about an "unreleased omega man video" (sadly he did not upload yet) about Kiwi Farms.

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