George H Bush hella etc - Etc

George H Bush is at his house. He enjoyed thanksgiving with his family and with his son. It was a very good Thanksgiving. George H Bush's driver comes in, "I need to go to this address." George H Bush says and hands him a piece of paper. "Ahh yes. We go now." The driver says, and then rush outside and get into the car. "Floor it!" George H Bush screams and the driver accelerates. "HELLA FAST ETC!" The driver screams. They arrive. George H Bush and the driver race towards the door George H Bush is pounding on the door the door opens the man quickly ushers them inside.

The driver waits in the living room and George H Bush and the man go into a bedroom. "Time for sexual relations." Trent says. "Indeed." George H Bush says and yanks down his pants Trent bends over George H Bush slams his PENIS inside the ANUS of a man named Trent. George H Bush is thrusting with much force. "AHHHHH!" George H Bush screams and grabs his chest. "Oh NOOO!" Trent screams, and back kicks George H Bush off him. George H Bush is laying on the bed. "Im having a heart attack Trent! Dial 911 immediately!" George H Bush screams. "Oh dear!" Trent screams and quickly dials 911. "A man is having a hella heart attack!" Trent screams to 911. Three paramedics arrive at scene. One of the paramedics has his hat pulled down over his eyes. "This man is dying of a heart attack help him!" Trent screams.

The paramedic with the hat over his eyes throws the hat off suddenly and walks out of the shadows revealing his face. It is none other than Mr Magenta! "I legally immigrated to the United States and became a paramedic, just incase a man dials 911 having a heart attack after having sex with the anus of a man named Trent!" Mr Magenta screams, then Mr Magenta quickly pulls out his pistol and shoots George H Bush directly in the forehead. "He was having a hella heart attack..." Trent says. "No matter. I am going back to Australia now." Mr Magenta says and starts to walk towards the door, then quickly turns around and runs back and slams his penis into the anus of a man named trent. Ejaculate. Paramedic hengry gives Mr Magenta a high five.

Paramedic #1: Mr. Magenta
Paramedic #2: Paramedic hengry
Paramedic #3: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Reactions: Bennett Beeny

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