George Soros Conspiracy Theories - Have been unutterably debunked by a skeptic

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George Soros haters BTFO!

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Y2K Baby

The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom???
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Mar 30, 2017
Social engineering is the greatest modern evil.

Jun 6, 2013
That article is shit and is just the author playing the redefine the term game so that he can call everyone who doesn't like Soros a Nazi. If you seriously think that the concept of the deep state was invented by the alt right in the last couple years or that anti-globalism anti-zionism and anti-Semitism are all the same things you are too dumb to actually contribute to political discourse.

Soros isn't a lizard person but he sure is a Fuck. It's also pretty clear that he is an anti-nationalist to the point that he legitimately does want some form of one world government.