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Gerard Williams, a.k.a. HipHopGamer, is a Youtube journalist from New York who has been reviewing games for many years, and became well known enough to where he's able to get connections and interview big name people and companies in the gaming industry. He's known for trying to promote positivity not just in the gaming community, but the games he reviews as well.

He's also known for saying a lot of outlandish crap. A LOT.

I first knew about this guy last year, when he made a really cringe-worthy video about the PS4 exclusive The Order 1886, saying that it was a victim of racism like blacks in America. No, really, I'm serious. See the video below for yourself.

His reasoning behind it? Because professional reviewers were giving bad scores and criticizing it for being really short and having no multiplayer, among other things. And this was before the game even came out. As you can expect, due to how dumb the video was, he got a lot of hate for it. So much so, he made another video and even went on Twitter to defend his reasoning behind it. It didn't make his case any better.

In fact, that's basically his shtick. He considers himself to be a true gamer and believes that criticizing any game negatively makes you a hater and you don't deserve to be in the industry if you treat games negatively for any reason. That even if you get a game that's broken or doesn't work, you buy it anyway because developers need all the support that they can get. I'm dead serious. Many of his controversial (And therefore comical) moments come from videos like this one and the next one I'll show you.

Recently, he got a got a lot of backlash for his defense of Street Fighter V due to it being broken and having a lot of missing content and other issues at launch. Below is the video.

It's basically the same thing like with his Order 1886 video, minus the dumb racism comparisons. He even goes as far as to say that there's nothing wrong with the game, other than the servers not acting right for a day and a half, and that they should be more grateful that Capcom is working their hardest to fix it, and to not act all spoiled and entitled. I say this because I have seen some funny glitches in the game from other Youtube videos. Now granted, if this guy was a shill and nothing more than that, well, we wouldn't have much for a thread, now would we? But people have been exposing him for who he really is for the last few years beyond the fact that he's a shill for companies to put their games in a positive light, even if it turns out to be crap.

For the too long, didn't watch crowd, here's the info from these videos, as well as other info I found:

Someone named Rockaway Carter challenged him to a fighting game match for charity last month. At first, HipHopGamer didn't want to do it, but later accepted his offer. When Rockaway Carter says it'll be sometime this week, he says that he's busy and will fight him in April, wanting to have a discussion with him instead and clear the air. At the same time, he wanted to debate ReviewTechUSA due to the fact that he made two videos criticizing him (Being SFV and Order 1886). He eventually backs out of the challenge. He's also ducked challenges from other gamers and other Youtubers as well when called out.

His fanbase is full of ignorant suck-ups, going as far as to say actual black people aren't black enough to have their voices heard.


Racism 2.jpg

He's made a bunch of fake titles that he never really defends and walks around with them. It looks ridiculous.

Fake Titles 1.jpg

Fake Titles 2.jpg

He claims to have a HUGE collection of games. 20,000+ games that he owns. Except An overwhelming majority of them are ROMs and emulators on PC/modded XBox, meaning he technically never owns any of the games whatsoever. Oops.

Despite being a journalist, he has no degree in journalism whatsoever. His excuse is that you don't need a degree in journalism, because as long as it's creationism, anyone can do it. He even goes as far as to say you don't need to be transparent. He even calls himself gaming's #1 journalist, even though he's not really qualified or professional enough.

He's done some plagiarism from other reviews in the past, as Marcus Beer points out. This led to a nasty feud on Twitter. Speaking of Twitter, he has paid for followers, and has called people faggots online several times. He's even started fights at public events. He claims that he's changing and turning over a new leaf, but so far, it's more of the same.

Note: Twitter conversation below is from 2013 after the Annoyed Gamer made his video



He's currently still defending Street Fighter V, calling people who criticize the game "haters" on Twitter, playing the victim (He claims he's overwhelmed by the negativity he's been getting since his SFV defense video) and still defending Capcom on the game's behalf. I could present more info, but this'll do for now. - Twitter - Youtube - PSN Profile - Instagram - Facebook - Soundcloud - Dailymotion - His blog on Hot97, a radio station he works for.
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Here's some more crazy stuff he's placed out over the years. First, his defense of Destiny. This is the biggest issue with the guy in that he has to defend games from ANY negative criticism and only focus on the positive, even if the game is not that great.


His faulty arguments as to why Console is better than PC. PC fans had a field day debunking this video.

He was also banned from N4G
(News for gamers) several years ago because he would frequently make clickbait and make up news stories whenever he posted there. When he was banned, he basically accused them of being racist for not hosting his material.


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Old thread is old, but fuck it, it needs a revival.

This is from a few months ago. He has his followers harass an IGN reviewer, Chloi Rad, for giving Resident Evil 7 a 7.7. He even went as threatening to beat her up if he saw her on the street. Skip to the 5 minute mark for that moment.


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