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World Germans Are Rethinking Their Immigration Policies After The Murder Of A 14-Year-Old GirlSusanna Maria Feldman was raped and strangled by an "asylum seeker."

Discussion in 'Articles & Happenings' started by Ahriman, Jun 13, 2018.

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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/08/world/europe/germany-susanna-murder-migration.html

    Now what they should be really asking themselves is, did it really have to get this fucking bad for them to stop and think? wow.
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    #1 Ahriman, Jun 13, 2018
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    Ahriman Vivere Militare Est.

  2. "We've rethought our immigration policies and have decided to let more poor Asian immigrants into Germany. Don't want to be like that mean ol' Hilter, now."
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  3. related:

    Basically the AFD ('far-right' who oppose open borders) wanted to have a minute of silence for the girl. A leftist politician interrupted it and was applauded for doing so. The very same politician had held a moment of silence for migrants who died in route to Germany.
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  4. Gonna nitpick, but calling them asian is a specifically British thing because of all the business with the Raj and all that.

    Otherwise yeah, I'm not sure if this will be enough to change minds, but maybe it is.
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  5. >green
    Of course it's the green party. Fuck those guys.
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    vertexwindi Ohhh~ banana
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  6. Actions speak louder than words, Germany.
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    Nacho Man Randy Salsa

    Nacho Man Randy Salsa Kiwi Farms World Champion

  7. Agree with AfD or not politically, dick move there...and this surely won't be used in any way against every single person who clapped...
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    Hatoful Dandy

    Hatoful Dandy Minstrel of Sorrow

  8. Or, stay with me for a moment, Asia is literally named after a region in Turkey and Euros have millennia of interactions with Middle Eastern Asians to associate them with the term and, if anything, the American tendency to associate it with East Asian Orientals is the anomaly in terms of it's usage.
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    Absolutego Ghost of ¡Jeb!

  9. Well you gotta remember one thing. These kinds of people (i.e. the extremely affluent and comfortable far leftists who live in well shielded bubbles who make up the various green parties worldwide) have universally thrown away the concept of "we need to not make literally everyone in the country absolutely fucking despise us and vote against us" in favour of the dual concepts of "those wonderful minority demographics will all totally vote for us and this will ensure we win no matter what!" and "the disgusting and stupid normies wouldn't dare oppose us lest we call them raysist in der spiegal/the guardian/the new york times!".

    Since worshipping minorities as the ultimate saintly victim and martyr is all the rage in these circlejerks, and each of them lives in existential terror of being called a bigot and thus being exiled from the clique and fired from every non-job they might ever wish to have, they assume this holds true for the rest of society. Therefore obscenely horrible shit like this is seen as perfectly acceptable and indeed considered as effective vote winning rhetoric

    But yeah....in the real world this tends not to work out that well, and indeed is actively and effectively used as recruiting material for the right, hard right, and far right
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    Judge Holden

    Judge Holden Corpsefucker
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  10. >Orientals

    "We Three Kings of Orient Are" isn't about Chinks, Nips and Gooks.
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  11. When the fuck are the Germans going to get over Hitler?
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    Nacho Man Randy Salsa

    Nacho Man Randy Salsa Kiwi Farms World Champion


  12. (:_(
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    Dorsia.Reservation When she fuck me good, I take her ass to Dorsia.

  13. Silly leftists, they think Muslims are their friends. I guess it's better to have your country taken over by Muslim immigrants than to do something about it, whatever it takes to avoid being compared to Hitler, I suppose.
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  14. Depressing as hell.

    Heck, my grandpa did the European tour in '44, bagged a few 'Ratzis'. But I can't see him being anything but appalled at this kind of social/demographic suicide.
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    Capsaicin Addict

    Capsaicin Addict Just a fellow who loves spicy food.

  15. How is it these politicians have so much disdain for their countrymen? Inviting an invading hoard of low intelligence, lazy, dangerous migrants and providing preferential treatment and empathy against their own countrymen?

    This is what pushes me to the right on immigration.
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  16. Now they’re rethinking it? Too late for that, because of all the migrants they let in, all the crime that has gone on, and how it’s going to continue. And fuck that Leftist politician for interrupting that moment of silent, and the people who applauded it.

    This also reminds me of that time where a politician was discussing the open migration of these people, and all the woman was saying was, “You’re being racist.” It’s not racist to be concerned about who you let in, especially when they rape, kill, and have terrorist links and sympathy.
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    Shway Bored with the world.

  17. When the migrants finally kill more Jews than he could ever hope to.

    All according to Merkel's plan.
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    #17 Uncanny Valley, Jun 13, 2018
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    Uncanny Valley

    Uncanny Valley masshole
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  18. No it's the brits who are wrong and stupid.
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    Dynastia woman respecter
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  19. Right now they're more concerned with Trump than Hitler's legacy. Der Spiegel covers him as much as any American media, and in more or less the exact same way.
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    Your Weird Fetish

    Your Weird Fetish Intersectional fetishist

  20. Oh yeah...

    They had a cover with him holding up the Statue of Liberty's head ala an ISIS propoganda video, didn't they?
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    Hatoful Dandy

    Hatoful Dandy Minstrel of Sorrow

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