Get banned from Kiwi Farms in one sentence. -


Yet another L ripoff
does a cuck-sounding falsetto voice
Pedosexual Pride event is a reasonable and respectable idea, and everyone who disagrees with me is a Mary Sure cis-Nazi shitlord >:U


lolicons are kawai desu and anyone who says no, is a fag.



True & Honest Fan
When mods tell you to do anything, respond to them with "When did you slaves think you could talk back to your masters?".


Koning der Pijpbeurt
Jcrowley did nothing wrong because vaccines actually cause autism and you should also send money to my anti-vaccine organisation at my home address: Derek Hauser, 1232 Apt F, Wilsonville, MN 82506 (if this gets me banned, don't worry I will just sock).

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