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Does this mean that Jace is no longer a "future former wounded marine veteran" now that the "wounded" and "former" parts have come to pass?:(

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even worse that DD is also in rehab *sigh*

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We should make Jace a get well card, wishing him a speedy recovery
I quite like this idea, what kind of design should it have? I'm partial to just shopping Jace's face onto a generic get-well-soon card and throwing other things like weed, deagles and dew onto it. We could make a Google doc for all those who want their name on it.


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Easiest way to insure the card reaches him is using a metal that isn't picked up right away by metal detection systems and engraving it using a modified engraver to remove any prior methods of tracing, then rub cheese all over it to keep out both the USPS and dogs. USPS is lactose intolerant, this is fact based.


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So is Real Person Jan sick or is Character Jace sick? Is this still the concussion?