GETTING A NEW DOG?!‽ 9/9/2019 - Day 83 of 100

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The dog belongs to Becky's family (I think) and according to AL it is "Soooo obsessed with mee, cuddleeeeen, you should have seen it y'all". She says she wants the dog. (How fucking narcissistic do you have to be say that in front of the pet's owner?) And Becky's relative said Amber can have the dog "for one million dollars". Lol, I love the sass. Even Necks was empowered in that moment and threw shade cause Ham can't pronounce "egg"! I love it. I wish Becky would spend more time with her family, maybe they can help her grow a backbone.

GETTING A NEW DOG?!?! - 9/9/2019 (Day 83 of this 100-Day Nightmare)
Because I hate myself and my blood pressure enough to watch these "inscrutiateen" videos so YOU DON'T HAVE TO:

- She is counting down the days until this 100-day thing is over. (Me too.)

- Talks about all the shelf-ass-pat comments she's getting from the HamBabies.

- Necky's sister is staying over tonight, so they are going out to pick her up. No reason for Hamber to join beyond taking up space in the car and being able to DIRECTLY order fast-food instead of entrusting her order to Necky.

- Hamber Vlogs: Cat Knocked Over a Plant

- Her Perfume Hoard is starting to steenk, so she's sadly going to have to get rid of it. (Can her housemates get rid of HER for being a steenk?)

- Shelf-ass-pats for her "decluttereen". SO PROUD OF HERSELF!

- Package arrives. Out of breath from the act of picking it up and moving it 3 feet.

- Waddles to "her spot" while out of breath to contemplate upcoming Fall season.

- In the car now. Hamber complains that the A/C in the car doesn't work as good as it used to, without admitting her body's circulatory system ALSO doesn't work as good as it used to. So she's "nauseous" and Necky is getting her a water (on top of whatever else she is being forced to do while the HamBeast roasts in the car with the A/C running).

- "Fasting situation" mentioned? 17 hours? Why? She JUST mentioned in her RUMORS video that she doesn't fast.

- Chickens "living their best life". Everyone and everything she sees is/was living its best life, except for her.

- "I was attacked by a rooster when I was 5!" (Not well enough, it seems.)

- 5:11 into the video - a DOG appears in Necky's arms.
Hamber: "I want him!"
Off-screen voice: "For a million dollars you can have him."
Hamber: "A million-" *cuts out*
(Looks like they are NOT getting a new dog. ROLL CREDITS!)

- Haha SpongeBob Meme in pin form! (Just like their constant buying of DVDs as other obsolete forms of media and a waste of money!)

- Hamber tries to belittle Necky on cam via repeating something potentially stupid that was said; NOT ABUSIVE AT ALL!

- Hamber is always excited to open any ordered items.

MINI-HAUL: 5-Blade spiralizer (for all those veggies and 'zoodles'...)

- They are playing card games. Quality content.

Comment from "breaking up / 17 minutes of LAHs" (out of 2,822): vuitton lv - "MrsB she absolutely loves making Becky look bad. She's so narcissistic"
Response: "I don't even know if I want to reply to that, cause that is like completely wrong. I always want Becky to look good." Assumes this is still talking about 'the cereal scandal' and not just... in general...
(because three minutes ago in THIS VIDEO she JUST tried making Necky look bad...)

TL;DR: They are not getting a dog. SKIP.

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"Decluttering makes my soul feel better." Cut to an Amazon package on the porch. It turns out to be a vegetable spiralizer that totally won't become useless clutter at all because she's super freakin' excited to make zoodles for Becky and herself. Our gorl loves to cook remember.
right? she hates cooking enough that making her own salads is too much work, but yeah girl let's see you spiralize some fucking vegetables everyday :story: