GETTING A NEW DOG?!‽ 9/9/2019 - Day 83 of 100

I love how she absolutely refuses to acknowledge how much of a POS she acts when she's filming Becky and is now just instead attributing any negative comment she receives about that whole dynamic to the "cereal situation that one time". I'm crossing my fingers so hard that Becky grows a backbone within the next few months and tells AL to fuck off, she sounds checked out most of the time anyway.


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Amber said:
I always ask her before, if she’s involved in any video or anything like that like, I make sure she sees it and she knows and I ask permission first. Because that’s important to me.
As fucking if. Amber is such a selfish narcissist she wouldn't think twice to ask for anyone's approval or permission on anything that's "hers".
Shovemycamerainyourfaceandtellyouit's"fine"lynn, I totally believe that your gorlfriend gave you the green light to post this


Amber said:
A lot of people don’t understand our dynamic with each other
Actually, we do and we've been known for a long time. There's no love in this relationship, it's purely based on transactions. You give Becky money and Becky, in return, is your caregiver.

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The dog belongs to Becky's family (I think) and according to AL it is "Soooo obsessed with mee, cuddleeeeen, you should have seen it y'all". She says she wants the dog. (How fucking narcissistic do you have to be say that in front of the pet's owner?) And Becky's relative said Amber can have the dog "for one million dollars". Lol, I love the sass. Even Necks was empowered in that moment and threw shade cause Ham can't pronounce "egg"! I love it. I wish Becky would spend more time with her family, maybe they can help her grow a backbone.
Isn't Becky's family poor as dirt? Or poor enough that our brave, empathetic gorl had to pay the vet bill for their cat?

What the hell are they getting a dog for?

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8:53 - "i love becky wholeheartedly"(...) wth is up with that face she's making?

amber, you are a smug, condescending cunt. you do nothing but deflect and glaze over. of all the massive portions of shit you shovel down on a regular basis (#steadilygaining) how about a serving of humility?

also. fuck off with your gd clickbait.
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Becky's fat distribution is beyond unfortunate. I really think her face is the last place she'd lose weight in.
Something I thought about this video: let's say our dear twinkie storr develops diabetes and Hamber shockingly manages to take her to the vet. Do you guys think she'd actually be able to properly manage/treat the condition? I think twinkie would just "run out the door" one day.