GETTING HEALTHIER!!!!! 10/10/2019 - Amber finally takes Twinkie to the vet!

Her accent was a lil’ hard for me to decipher, but I’m pretty sure this is how the convo went:

Vet: she’s 16 and a half pounds.i probably wouldn’t try to let her get much bigger.
ALR: oh no no...
Vet: it’s gonna be harder on her heart. As she gets older
Becky: yeah
ALR: would you say around like 13.
Vet: um. Yeah that would be ideal.
ALR: cos, yeah, cos I know for a dog like 3lbs extra is like 50 for a human if not more.
Becky: yeah
Vet: how old is she now?
ALR: she’s 7
Vet: yeah that’s why I said the older they get the more it could put a strain on her little heart. You don’t want that.
ALR (to Twinkie): you okay baby girl
Vet: lets see. does she run and play at all?
Becky: she does
ALR: she plays with the other dogs yeah
Vet: she’s still getting exercise
ALR: yeah
Vet: it’s just that she gets a smaller... [Cut off as ALR ends that scene there)
I think the vet assumed Amber was talking about 13 years not 13 pounds when she said that would be ideal. As in a chihuahua with Twinkie's health issues could live to be that old. I refuse to believe the vet would be stupid enough to say 13 pounds is ideal.

does al/thumb own a mobility scooter or any power mobility aids(the focus is on the dog right now ) to be able to assist with excirse plus think of all the hauls /plus proving the haters wrong videos that could be made

im not super following Al right now but I'm pl right now so I'll shut up

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