Getting KF down is a mild inconvenience to the majority of us

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May 25, 2021
Of all the oddities that I come here to laugh at, trannies are probably in the bottom percent of things I even pay attention to or care to comment on. Seethe and cope more Twatter troons, stay in your lane. Very bold to assume everyone here gives enough of a fuck about your existence to even acknowledge it in the first place.


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Apr 18, 2021
Absolutely, these are the same people beside themselves when Twitter or Discord go down for 30 minutes. These people are terminally online and any disruption of the wired seriously affects their day, I've seen people like this in real life, even older people.

You know what I did when KF was down? Other things, other non-computer things even. It didn't bother me in anyway.

Their DOS attack was imponent, weak, and meaningless.

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Sep 19, 2019
I'm sorry I fill the void in my life with matierialistic items, hobbies, and working trying out expensive make up and being mildly disappointed is alot more fulfilling then shit posting, better than sex.
Didn't you have a Q/A about why men only cared about big tits and left after banging? Of course anything is gonna be better than sex if you have that kind of mindset.


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Jul 27, 2020
Screw you! I spend my days obsessively refreshing stock numbers and this website. Do you know what its like to open up Twitter past a single news feed?? Telegram is what i usually use to view people that tweet that are interesting but actually going to twitter...seeing whats trending and the deluded echo chamber comments that exist with hundreds of likes. People live in an online bubble and a gang of retards support their every move. Its awful.
I've had coffee and a wonderful chat with my parents since they've had a chance to pop in. If there's anything I'm thankful for in this life, it's having intact genitals and a good relationship with my parents.
Cope, seethe, dilate.

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Jan 20, 2021
It was annoying but at least it only lasted what, a day? This situation taught me a lesson about not taking the small things in life for granite, because you never know when a bunch of whiny shemales will break internet law just to serve up a piping hot dish of self-righteousness and STD-DoS the lolcow pastures. Every day's a blessing in disguise.

Also I learned that Twitter is a fucking waste of time even if you're trying to troll the troons and furries since they'll just make you create 10,000 socks

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Jan 1, 2020
Having to DOS a website like Kiwi Farms is no more attention seeking than thinking you can control what people post and think on here.


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Dec 20, 2019
Except for Null and other Ops and jannies, having KF down by doing ddos attacks is just an annoyance, like a mosquito biting a giant.

This is peak tranny thinking: They go mad and react but don't understand that to us is just another way to reaffirm that they are mentally ill and childish.

Most of us here have a job or do something else besides spending every waking moment online, contrary to Trannies who are so hideous and so insane that they base their whole existence on mentions by random on the internet.

I feel sorry for the parents of all the Trannies in the world and I hope they find sweet release when they eventually get wings.
Its not even an annoyance to me really. I thought it was kinda funny and knew that this wouldn't be the end of KF. I just went about my day as usual and occasionally checked in to see if they were still seething.
The thing these people don't understand is that they can't do anything to KF that hasn't been done before.
Ddos? Happened before, null is used to it was able to take action accordingly.
Sue? Good luck, nothing illegal is hosted on site. You might get away with copyright related stuff, but even then, you could only get individual images/videos/songs removed rather than the entire site.
Harass Null's family? It got the site down for a while, but he brought the forums back and I'm sure they'll all be prepared if something like this happens again.
Harass advertisers? lol there aren't any
Harass the hosting company? Its hosted by Null himself, the datacenter he has his hardware in doesn't give a fuck unless the law is involved.
MAYBE they could convince cloudflare to drop us, but that's looking unlikely and there are likely alternatives that care even less.

In other words, troons mad and they're going to stay mad. KF will go on as normal.


Apr 3, 2021
Does anyone have any guesses as to who is responsible? Probably a cow? I'm not to sure many of them are capable of a spimple dos attack though.

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Jun 15, 2014
Does anyone have any guesses as to who is responsible? Probably a cow? I'm not to sure many of them are capable of a spimple dos attack though.

It was a paid for attack using some service, probably Russian based, because trannies don't understand economics and throw money that isn't really theirs at problems until they go away.

Not like shutting the farms down permanently would accomplish anything, another site would spring up.