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I'm very surprised to see there's no thread on True Capitalist Radio (TCR) anywhere in the forum, especially since Ghost has been brought up a couple of times. Shoutouts to random.txt for the 'cans.wav' reference, and to @Want-Woman for rocking a Ghost avatar!

A brief personal disclaimer: While I have no history of calling in to the show, I did listen to it from May 2011 up until its end in May 2012. More recently, I put a lot of work into the True Capitalist Wiki, a now almost dormant Wikia site with a lot of stylistic cues from the CWCki. Similarly, it has the goals of archiving, entertaining, and informing visitors about the TCR legacy. I have been 'caretaker admin' for about two years at this point, but really it's just vandalism protection.

What is True Capitalist Radio?

True Capitalist Radio (formerly True Conservative Radio) was an internet radio show hosted on BlogTalk Radio from January 1st 2008 to May 15th 2012. Shows were weekly, then twice weekly, then daily towards the end of the show's span, and ranged from an hour to the site's limit of three (with occasional bonus audio at the end of half an hour or more).

The show itself started as a right-wing political talk show, hosted by the enigmatic 'Ghost' (real name unknown), an infamously angry Texan with controversial views and a foul mouth. Right from the show's inception, even when Ghost had just a few dozen listeners, he would receive hate mail for his shock-jock opinions, lack of political correctness, and apparent racism. Of course, this is something he came to capitalise on, becoming more cartoonish as the show progressed, especially when he moved the show's focus from conservatism to capitalism. Catchphrases, callers, and the diversity of topics increased. Then 4chan discovered him.

In around May 2011, the popularity of True Capitalist Radio exploded, and whereas callers before were only occasionally on to wind Ghost up or simply crank call, now the show's call-in segments were almost purely trolls from various sites. This led to Ghost either hamming up his reactions or getting genuinely more angry, depending on who you believe. June brought the biggest influx of new listeners, thanks to this video:

'Radio Graffiti' was introduced to try and kerb the rise in crank calls. This was where Ghost let his overloaded queue of callers spew off whatever they wanted in 'four to five seconds' for the last half-hour of every show. Instead, it just meant there was even more reason to try and get on air, and it built up Ghost's audience even more.

These last 15 months of the show covered a lot of things for Ghost to rant about and for trolls to antagonise him over: The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, the TSA, the brony phenomenon, Herman Cain's rise and fall, infighting amongst troll personalities, and a stolen internet awards show victory.

Who is Ghost?

As the last answer hinted, Ghost has done a miraculous job of keeping his details off the internet. Surprisingly little can be confirmed about him, and general weenery has led to his apparent personal details (dox) being released multiple times. However, none of these have ever been confirmed as real, and were almost certainly all grabs for attention that led to callers addressing Ghost by all kinds of names.

What we can best guess is the following - Ghost is a middle aged man with a wife and at least one son. He has (or had, more likely) an office in Austin, Texas, as well as a holiday home (probably on the south coast) but may have moved elsewhere in the state. He is an avid drinker - or 'connoisseur' as he'd rather be labelled - indulging in beer, whisky, and regular trips to Sixth Street.

He is probably as wealthy as he makes out to be, and this wealth has come from investments in commodities and brick-and-mortar businesses. This is what led to his love of spreading the message of capitalism - especially when he felt alienated by American conservatives in 2010 - this led to the rebranding from Conservatism to Capitalism. As mentioned above, Ghost became a little more light-hearted, varied in topics and noticeably more prone to rage. If this was to gain viewership, it succeeded more than he could ever have hoped, once reputedly getting 10,000 listeners at once - easily a record for BlogTalk Radio.

What are some of his best moments?

Remixes and splices: After the 2011 viewer increase, trolls got more creative to stand out from each other. Soon they stumbled on a very efficient way to make Ghost rage (genuinely or not) - splicing audio clips of his speeches together to simply make him say things he normally wouldn't. The quality of these varied greatly, as did the host's magnitude of reaction, but they got better over time, as well as more speedily produced, often mixing clips that were just minutes old. Eventually these evolved into remixes, taking backing songs and putting Ghost's words over them, or simply making YTPMV-style audio tracks. This page lists the remixes that haven't been taken from YouTube - I estimate there have been over five hundred in total over the years. A few of the creators of these became rather successful at getting their work played on the show - Coodoo17, CosmoBrockington, The Harbingerr, the infamous CelticBrony and Electric Fence Studios. Incidentally, Alex S. and The Living Tombstone are two of the biggest brony musicians out there - both of whom started out with remixes of Ghost.

Side characters: Notably The Engineer, a slurred shouting switchboard operator who was definitely not Ghost putting on a voice. He screened Ghost's calls, often poorly, and locked down the chatroom (think your average Twitch chat but worse, somehow). His respect for Ghost diminished over time, leading to a few takeovers of segments of the show while Ghost was off mic on break. The host also had an international array of guests, none of whom were Ghost putting on a voice either. Special guests included Mahmoud, Paco, Mr. Fortune Cookie, and Tyrone - the appearance of which were the main fuel for allegations of racism. Fun game: see if you can guess where each guest hails from!

Interesting callers: One of the more colourful things to arise from the world of True Capitalist Radio are the trolls themselves - very often regular callers with personalities built up over the shows. From Tub Guy, an effeminate George Takei-expy who made advances at Ghost from his bathtub, to the Suck Mah Dick Guy, who simply set up shaggy dog stories to trick Ghost into having his catchphrase shouted at him. The Internet Buttstalker trolled Ghost for almost the full four years of his BlogTalk career - but not all significant personalities where homoerotic and crude. Tzeki was a Brit who had generally amicable conversations with the host, as opposed to his rival, Goofy Bone, another long-time BlogTalk host of Hispanic descent who also tuned into TCR for financial advice. And I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I missed Ghetto Capitalist, the Californian welfare king who could make Ghost rage with his get-rich-quick schemes and EBT bragging.

Special thanks to DarkRazorZ, for his patient archiving of the Radio Graffiti segments and highlights of the broadcasts. If you're looking to listen to the best of the show, there's no better place to begin. Here are his personal highlights from two years of curating these videos, which in my mind is essential viewing for Ghost fans:

Of course, I encourage everyone to share their favourite moments below, and I'll add them to the OP when I can. There's plenty of YouTube clips out there!

True Capitalist Puppet Theater - A fan video with Ghost clips playing over live-action puppetry.

Twitter and Chatroom Names - Sometimes Ghost would give shoutouts to listeners in the chatroom or over twitter. Naturally, this led to a lot of interesting names...

Tubguy Compilations - 'Ohhhhh my~'

Was he a lolcow?

It depends on who you talk to. Most people would say so, but there are those who think Ghost was faking it to some extent. These accusations range from simply hamming it up a little to being a complete character (based in New York no less, a demonstrable lie). I myself am of the mind that he could be 'milked' in much the same way as any other cow, so would classify as one. Either way, certainly deserving of a thread in this section.

Personally I think there are a lot of parallels between Jace's streams and the later TCR broadcasts, but that's more of an observation than anything. The puking, the mood swings, the good/the bad/the ween calling in over Skype, the abrupt endings (sometimes fake). However unlike Jace, Ghost genuinely believes a lot of the extreme opinions he holds.

Where is he now?

Almost certainly on the internet, but off the radar. In December 2012, his BlogTalk Radio account was probably compromised, and his main Twitter account closed for good. An alt was all that remained until very recently - widely believed to be an impostor, but never proven either way. However, Ghost is an internet veteran, and conspiracies still crop up about him broadcasting under a different name somewhere else. Wherever he is, he's living lavish somewhere, a True Capitalist among Fruitbowls. See you Ghost Cowboy...

As of November 2015, Ghost is back and airing his prognostications on YouTube! He wishes to return to broadcasting in Christmas, after over three years of audio silence, as long as his audience shows enough interest.

In March 2016, Ghost made a return to BlogTalkRadio and confirmed his new twitter account is PoliticsGhost. He issued a call to arms for the Capitalist Army to threaten GOP delegates with doxing, and gave full backing to Trump as a purely capitalist presidential candidate. Full-length broadcasts are possibly returning in April.

Further Reading:

There's a lot I haven't even touched on here. It ranges from boring trolls trolling trolls to the True Capitalist Army and any one of Ghost's crazy, memorable catchphrases and segments. Read the wiki if you want, but it's a bit dusty, and outdated in more than a few places. Once again, I'd highly recommend DarkRazorZ's channel for the best bits.

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I liked whenever Ghost got so angry he'd get short of breath. I could just picture him clutching his chest, red-faced and sweaty, over somebody playing one "Fuck You, Texas" too many.

I was never involved in the calls or listening live. I'd heard about him mostly through YouTube compilations a friend of mine linked me to.

I wish I had, though. :heart-empty:

Y'know, now that it's been brought up, I am a little surprised Ghost and his show doesn't get brought up more often around here. I would say it's debatable whether or not he technically qualifies as a cow, but I think that there is certainly a big overlap between people who follow lolcows and people who follow Ghost.

Personally, I discovered Ghost after he had already went dark. I'm a little upset I never got to participate in the show at all. Kudos to Kecleon for starting such a well-made thread! :)

Ghost was incredible. I discovered him pretty late but I've listened to his old broadcasts countless times. So damn entertaining. Some of his trolls were really entertaining, Tub Guy is particular comes to mind. He got some of the best reactions out of Ghost with little involvement on his own part.

As for whether he was a troll or not, I go about it the same way I go about Jace. I don't really care either way. It's entertaining and I'd listen whether it was fake or not.

Some great moments with Tub Guy:



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Texan accents are usually entirely faked the way Hollywood does it. I haven't given it a listen yet, but I'll try to see if it's a fake or not (if it is, he might not be from Texas at all). The "Texan accent" is actually becoming extinct in large, educated cities like Houston, Dallas, or Austin. Even where the areas where the accent is still there, it's not nearly as over the top as you might think.


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He mentioned area code 407...that's not Austin, that's central Florida. 512 and 737 are Austin area codes.
Whereabouts? He always referred to landline callers by their area codes. His number was (646)652-4869, which is a Manhattan code because that's where BlogTalk Radio was based.

Ghost, right after his last show in a PALTALK chatroom full of his "fans" admitted he was faking the anger the entire time.
The full quote in question:
"[...] I talked about how I faked the rage when it came down to the stupid memes I wanted to be popular and that sort of thing. I mean don't get me wrong! The rages related to the political and the social components and the capitalist components they were genuine, they were a 100% genuine!"

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I've always been convinced he eventually just turned Radio Graffiti into an act after a while, since it's the only reason why he would continue to let people call in to troll his butt again and again and again, with the rest of his show being mostly him on stuff like stocks or politics IIRC. It's a pitty he never resurfaced after leaving BlogTalk, I would be greatly interested in his opinion on both sides of the ongoing GamerGate controversy. If only to hear him blame it all on fuity-ass bronies while spamming CANS.WAV


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Ah you're right, he's listing the area codes of the callers. Still, it is intriguing. I'm convinced that the accent is faked or exaggerated.

For instance, watch "Bernie" (or the trailer for it). Matthew McConaughey is the one doing the fake Hollywood accent, the real townspeople interviewed have more subtle accents.


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The only reason I heard of Ghost was because of this forum. Back in the Yuku days, Mew posted a youtube video of Ghost talking about Chris. It was the DarkRazorZ radio graffiti titled "Alex Jones".

What I like about Ghost is that in spite of the fact he's in his late 50's at youngest (He said he was a Vietnam veteran), he knows his rappers. Even in the True Conservative Days, he quoted a Lil Troy song. He says he only knows so much about rap because he had a teenage son at the time.

And this is a shameless cross-post, but I made Ghost in Skyrim...



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And this is a shameless cross-post, but I made Ghost in Skyrim...

Great spergs think alike! I made this fanart back in the day:

Does anyone actually have his more serious quotes anyplace? He seems kind of interesting honestly.
The best place to start would probably be the old True Capitalist Army blog. Ghost kept it updated from time to time as long as he was on the air.


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Some of the more famous troll personalities actually got on very well with Ghost outside of the Radio Graffiti segments. Tub Guy and Ghetto Capitalist in particular often broke character and chatted amicably with Ghost during the private Paltalk sessions for Capitalist Army members, and Ghost straight up admitted that the only reason he fake-raged so hard at Ghetto Capitalist was in order to make a point about the "po' in Junkyard America".