Gift giving 2019 - ‘Tis the season to spend a lot of money


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This thread was created to help curate gift ideas for various people during this time of year. If you can, please list places to find gifts, or specific gift items that you think others might like. Also, you can go here for advice on what to give. It would even be cool if others can share homemade gift ideas as well. Anyway, to get things started, here are a few gift ideas I have:
  • For people that like to cook/eat good food: gourmet sauces, oils and vinegars are a fun and useful gift
  • If you have the skill and supplies, watercolor paintings are always cool to give
  • If you have an artsy friend, ask them what art supplies are their favorite and give those
  • If you know someone that likes experiences and it’s someone you’re close to, concert/movie tickets can be fun
  • If there’s someone who has about everything, make them a homemade gift such as fudge or cookies
Lastly, white elephant gift ideas are appreciated as well


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For people at work, I'm giving a Kringle candle. I used to do Yankee candles but they got bought out by Rubbermaid and they just don't throw scent anymore. I also add a hand sanitizer and a nice card in a gift bag. I thought the hand santitizer might be weird but people really liked it last year with the flu going around. You don't even have to use decorative bottles.

If you have a tea drinker and you know what kind of tea they like, a nice tin with a bow on it doesn't cost much.

A really good avocado oil would be nice for someone who cooks-- obviously not for someone who hates avocados.

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  • If you have an artsy friend, ask them what art supplies are their favorite and give those
I want to elaborate on that a bit more. Homemade gifts help as well. It shows creativity and thought into your gift. Colorings, DIY projects, paintings, writings, etc. It works with food or even gift cards, especially if you know the person's interests.

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