GIGI and Make UpChainsmoking Chola with a Shopping Addiction

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by YouTubeyStar, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Gigi is a super small time YT'er. She doesn't display her subscriber count, so I do not know what it is. Her videos range about 60 - 400 views, the ones about mysterious "drama and haters" garnering more attention, as well as any make-up haul videos that have a new release/popular brand name in the title. She doesn't show her face in any of her videos, intentionally at least, but she does use filtered selfies and older pictures of herself as the thumbnail of her videos sometimes. She has said that she purchases $500 worth of make-up per month, but the way she hauls it must be much much more. She claims to be rebuying "seven years worth of make-up" at times, whatever that means. Gigi buys almost every new release that comes out from drugstore and mid-end make-up brands, even duplicates of the products as "backup." Her hoard is fucking insane. Gigi has NEVER addressed where the money to buy these things comes from. She claims to be a single mom to a young daughter who is disabled in some way, and has also claimed to have financial issues covering her medical expenses. There was a GoFundMe set up at one point, but because Gigi uploads constantly the video it's in is hard to find again.

    Her make-up collection:

    Her latest video, a typical "haul" from her:

    Her Christmas haul:

    On top of the hauling she's been dumpster diving lately:

    Without a shred of self-awareness makes a video about those dastardly "e-beggars." But GoFundMe isn't e-begging!

    Thumbnails of her face:

    Her channel is one of the more bizarre small time beauty channels I've come across, and I find her endlessly entertaining.

    (Also very sad though, the spending is mind boggling.)
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  2. She seems delightfully un-self-aware. My favorite.
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    Blake Bumbleby

    Blake Bumbleby [yasscat intensifies]
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  3. I'm more horrified that this woman:

    works/worked here:

    How many customers peaced the immediate fuck out of Macy's upon seeing those sharpied monstrosities?
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  4. She is a goldmine of unintentional hilarity:

    The description to that video:


    I should have included that she's always referring to these mysterious "google hangouts" and "google groups" or whatever. Who's in them and why, also unexplained. Apparently a lot of shit goes down though, which she then makes response videos to on her channel:


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  5. I like her knuckleduster turn signal grip thingy (or is a 3-on-the-tree shifter?). Just the sort of thing you'd expect in a car owned by a badass 35 year old (basing this off her photos) chola. Why no chain steering wheel??
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    Varg Did Nothing Wrong

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  6. Sweet Jesus. I think her chest says "Owen 4 Kuks." I don't imagine she still works there if she's buying their products instead of getting them for free, but I suppose she's looney enough to buy them anyway.

    Imagine that tucking you into bed every night. Her poor kid.
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  7. Why can these make up hoarding cows never read? She stumbles over the names of things almost as badly as Kai.
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    Rabbit Bones

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  8. It looks like shes wearing a mask
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    smallmilk Lol Lol Mılk
  9. Wearing a mask of someone wearing a mask.
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    randomfarmer Jake Alley is the girliest girl who ever girled.
  10. Wow. Makeup dumpster diving. Gross. Sounds like a good way to get a great staph infection.
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    weaselhat paint da happy trees!
  11. Buncha girls doing in now. They fight over the dumpsters behind sephora and ultra. Get in, and those who find stuff show it. Some good stuff but a lot of broken stuff and testers.

    I've been looking for a cow within one of them, there must be one, right? Some girl decorated her entire house dumpster diving....and it was clean, bright and organized. Mismatched but fine. Fooled me so I'll keep looking.

    The lady above spent a LOT on makeup hauls Probably more than I buy in a year. Diving is good for her if it stops some of that spending. Nobody needs that much, ever.

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  12. This is power leveling, but I work in microbiology and how do you know its clean? one finger swipe and lotsa someone else's bacteria is all over it. I'm just sayin. I can't stand when some jackass "tests" make up and then puts it back on the shelf, so I damn sure wouldn't dig in a dumpster for it.
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  13. She looks like a character in Telemundo's new Kabuki-themed telenovela.
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  14. I'll have to keep a watch on this one. She looks like fun.
    I think the kid would have nightmares simply because her painted face is so frightening.
    Anyhow, that knuckle duster shift-thingy is bitchin'.
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  15. She reminds me of this
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