Trainwreck gimpgirl555 / "Mary" / MaryTV - Batshit insane Femdom Trad Wife, Dumpster Diver, Believes she is in the top 5% of women and hotter than Victoria's Secret models

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Holden Caulfield

cancelled girlboss
Meet gimpgirl555, also known on The Apricity with the alias "Mary". She's a nearly 40 year old Russian mother from Sweden, with 4 children and a fetish of displaying her bizarre and weird lifestyle online for everyone to see, without shame.


Mary is well known on the subreddit "RedpillWomen", a forum dedicated for average doormat women delusional enough to think that their alpha husbands won't fuck his secretary, for her banal and strange descriptions of basically a master/slave relationship:
Despite spouting this, she's entirely adamant about providing for her husband:
Screenshot (26).pngScreenshot (27).png

As she mentioned in the above picture, she's not into the pure monogamous lifestyle that most trad women preach. She and her husband have an open relationship, where both fuck people outside the relationship.
Screenshot (28).pngScreenshot (29).png

Mary is also into being a sex object, which can be shown with the multiple photos her displaying BDSM type of shit with no shame.

Mary is also a firm believer that rape isn't real:

According to these screenshots, it would appear that Mary is a tradwife who lets men step all over her, while humiliating herself online, right? However she's a complete vapid narcissist who calls supermodels ugly and fat (or anyone really, who is over 100 pounds and not anorexic like her)
rich mary.png

She's a self described "pretty" girl:

So how pretty is Mary, really? She's so pretty that she started multiple threads on how to be a "skinny bitch" on the forum The Apricity: (archive)

Here's some posts to displaying that she is in fact a true and honest skinny gigastacy:


Here's a comparison of a disgusting femcel (on the left, obvs) compared to a goddess:

despite being a trad wife who loves femininity, long hair is for those uglies:

ESPECIALLY VS Angels, those fat cows:
you can be just like her is you're delusional too, as long as you believe you're in the top 5% of women:

So, if you're an ugly fat bitch, after you get skinny and hot just like her, how do attract a true alpha male? Luckily, Mary has created a subreddit just for you: (archive)
Screenshot (30).png

Mary is a big fan of the "pickme" strategy, a derogatory term originally created by black feminist twitter and femcels, where you become basically a submissive to your husband to the full out extreme:
1572735692661.png 1572736083903.png
Let him fuck other girls:
also be a housewife despite Mary claiming to be the breadwinner:
More examples of this is all over her reddit and apricity accounts.


Little is known about Mary's real life, except that she's just as insane as you imagine, and has (surprisingly) not been doxxed yet despite openly posting these pictures:

She also has a super hot alpha husband named Vlad:

who also apparently beats her:
Remember, this is the man she sets up chicks for.

Also, despite bragging about being rich, she fishes from dumpsters:
and wears children's clothes.

Finally, here's Mary being an exceptional individual by shoving a zuccini up her ass:

I took some screenshots, but most are from her lolcow thread: (archive)

Here's all of Mary's links:
(including her even weirder Bitchute)

Reddit: (archive)
Her Subreddit: (archive)
The Apricity: (archive)
with her multiple "skinny bitch" chronicles:
(part one i'm unable to find)
part 2:
part 3:
Bitchute: (archive)

Apologies for any mistakes, this is my first thread!
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The Reaper

You know what they say about curiousity
True & Honest Fan
In the screenshots you have of the forum posts she has Romania marked has her location, but your opening sentence says she's from Sweden. Does she move frequently?
And dang talk about juxtaposition. From 'submissive' to shoving a zucchini up her ass for the internet to see. Not what I was expecting at the very end of the post.

Holden Caulfield

cancelled girlboss
In the screenshots you have of the forum posts she has Romania marked has her location, but your opening sentence says she's from Sweden. Does she move frequently?
And dang talk about juxtaposition. From 'submissive' to shoving a zucchini up her ass for the internet to see. Not what I was expecting at the very end of the post.
She apparently says she's rich, which I can't verify, so I think she moves around a lot (her mother is apparently an engineer?). My guess is that CPS is after her considering the shit she does online.


This is amazing. She is constantly contradicting herself. And I keep reading her messages in a deep, heavily-accented Russian voice.

Also, this stuck out to me:
“…that guy can leave you. Where is the guy with no work history going to go? That way you increase the chances of him staying with you.”
Holy shit, dude. I know this is a common strategy for abusive, insecure partners, but they usually don't come right out and admit it.

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