Trainwreck gimpgirl555 / "Mary" / MaryTV - Batshit insane Femdom Trad Wife, Dumpster Diver, Believes she is in the top 5% of women and hotter than Victoria's Secret models, possibly husband posting in disguise

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ok but why would anyone pay to have sex with that gross, fat manchild? I highly doubt even Mary would pay for sex, considering how Vlad likes to frequent brothels. even mary could get someone better looking if she was paying men for sex from a brothel lol
also tinfoil hat but does vlad talk like that on mary's profiles as some sort of humiliation fetish? sorry if im late this thread is just rollercoaster ride
I think Mary/Vlad has posted about her "paying with her holes". It's a very weird point of view, that the act of having sex is payment for the privilege to be able to have sex.
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I hope that if she is involved she's actually willingly involved. I'm finding that bdsm birthing picture even more creepy now, I'm just hoping that's me being paranoid because I've read loads of weird shit over the years and she's not actually a mail order sex slave or whatever :optimistic:
I wouldn't worry about that - she speaks way too good Swedish to be a mailorder bride.

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I wouldn't worry about that - she speaks way too good Swedish to be a mailorder bride.
There's also that picture of her and Vlad from when they were teens and in (high?) school together, it even looks lit was shot on film, that's how old it is! Given their ages then it might be from around 1999.
I don't know but I feel like that makes it worse, that she is the way she is because she's been on Vlad's increasingly fucked up porn-ride from the time she was a teenager and never had a relationship outside of that to compare her situation to. If she had been partner hopping through her twenties and gradually leaned towards the weird BDSM life with a creepy guy then it would seem a bit more normal.


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More of Vlad-as-Mary demanding that all women cut off their hair and have sex at clubs if they want to keep a fat manlet like him happy.

He included many younger photos of "Mary", back when she had hair and no frankenstomach and wind sock titties. That nose was always something, though. The profile photos show it isn't just a wide potato nose, it's crooked and long to boot. He claims she is naturally skeletal, which is a laugh.

Also, it's clear she doesn't buy many of the accessories herself- her heels are 2-3 sizes too big in the recent photo.

Spoilered for what is possibly under aged nudes


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She looks miserable in some of those photos.
I wonder why!

But seriously, the more this goes on, the more convinced I am that this will end in murder.

It is funny to see Vlad show his hand, though. He (and "Mary") brag about all the women he gets, but also that he was planning on getting rid of and replacing her. She's well into her thirties now and still around. Wonder why? Hmmmm....

After all, Vlad can get any hot woman he wants, according to him and "Mary".
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