Skitzocow Gina Marie Fournier / ginafournier1 - "RAPED BY JESUS", serial harasser, banned from the internet

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Gina Fournier is most certainly not an asshole and is a very nice person who has never been disruptive to the communities around her with gigantic signage with vulgarities, by being rude to neighbors to the point of receiving PPOs and obnoxious to police officers.

There really isn't a better way to put it than that. Since as early as 2010, Gina has been causing problems, stirring up shit and disrupting society with behavior that could only be described as psychotic. She has been locked up for mental health reasons, filed a PPO against a husband who would die shortly thereafter, painted obscenities and posted obscene signs all over her home and has gone on a one-person campaign to drag the names of people she has worked for or been locked up by in the past. Its never a dull moment with Gina, and if your thing is screaming at cops, incoherent rants or lolsuit threats, she's got something for you.

If one thing gets Gina nice and pissed off, it's Catholics. Gina was born to Catholic Mother Eugenia Grzywacz (archive) on August 30, 1963 (archive) and this is something that pisses her off. The very existence of Catholics is a threat to her and she is being criminally violated by them (archive).


What also pisses Gina off about the Catholics is that when she got locked up in the looney bin, it was in the Catholic St. Mary Mercy in Livonia.


She also has worked as a teacher, going back to the early 1990s. Her past few gigs were with Oakland Community College (OCC) and Delta College, losing both for being the things that make her a lolcow. Oddly enough, the guy that she got the job at OCC over sued the school for hiring her (archive). She has a few RateMyProfessor pages, one for OCC-Royal Oak (archive) and one for OCC-Southfield (archive). In response to her low rating and criticism on RMP, she defended her honor, going onto the site to say that everyone is retarded and standards are too low so they need to stop complaining about her being late for class and unclear about the syllabus.

Students, this is Gina Fournier. Please check out the nat'l discussion on education reform and current standards that are too low. If you are serious and willing to work hard, please check out my school website. If you are not serious, immature, and unwilling to read, please do every one a favor and do not take my course. Thank you. GMF

When Gina isn't busy not having a job or getting arrested she likes to post insanity on social media.


February 22, 2013
Late February of 2013 was special for Gina. While her mental health appears to have been trending south for quite some time prior, this is when the police took notice of her insane activity and decided enough was enough. On February 22, 2013 Gina was taken into St. Mary Mercy in Livonia, Michigan for a psych hold. She was characterized as showing suicidal ideation and extreme aggression, while screaming that if she didn't help her dogs off the bed they would break their legs.


She claims that this was all part of a Catholic conspiracy against her and that she was never reviewed by Dr. Andrew Muzychka, and that she was held captive against her will by the St. Mary Mercy hospital.

A review of her tweets shows that she's clearly not crazy tho.

The 2015 "JESUS RAPED ME" Incident

In 2015, a few years after being tossed in St. Mary Mercy for being bonkers as fuck, she decided she would prove she is not absolutely out of her mind by spraypainting skitzo garbo all over her home in Garden City, a small city in suburban Detroit. This clearly disturbed her neighbors and led to a great deal of local media coverage. Fox 2 in Detroit (archive) and the Detroit Free Press (archive) both covered the story. Their take was essentially that the police and neighbors could do little in response. Below are some quotes from her neighbors:

"I can't wait until you are gone!"
"'Jesus raped me?' Come on. That's horrible. There's children."
"She's not wanted in this neighborhood. Look at her house."
"Would you want to live next to her?"
"I was scared! I'm like, this is ridiculous. Why do my children have to be witness this? Why do I have to explain to them what this is?"
"We are just looking to move. We are looking to find somewhere safer for my children. I love my neighbors, but I can't have [my children] across from this."

Subsequent to leaving Garden City, she has bounced around the mid-Michigan area, pulling the same shit again.


In addition to this incident, she has made herself known as a menace in her neighborhood on several other occasions. In 2017, a PPO was filed against Gina because of her history of being combative with neighbors when walking though the neighborhood. Here are some pages from the PPO.



The PPO was filed by a police officer and their wife.

Gina eventually lost this property, as well as a lakehouse her and her husband Chris owned together.

While she appears to speak with reverence when talking about her late husband Chris now, she did not always think so highly of him. In 2012, prior to his death, she filed a report against him alleging physical, emotional and psychological abuse. According to a February 2013 psych evaluation, they were having marital problems 2-3 months before he died.

Later on she would claim that Chris filed a "retaliatory PPO" against her because he was coached by the OCC to do so.


Below is his obituary (archive). Note that the obituary recognizes he fell ill in 2010, had a kidney removed and became ill again in 2012 and that the police report against Chris was filed in October of 2012.
Christopher Allen Wysocki

Born: January 22, 1958 Passed away: December 26, 2012

Christopher Allen Wysocki was the youngest son of Harry and Ethel Wysocki. Christopher was beloved and will be missed dearly by his sister Darlene Udics, her fiancé Jim Bosse, nephews Shaun and Chad Udics, first wife Jacki Wysocki, second wife Gina Fournier, his mother in law Eugenia Grzywacz, dog Dalva and cockatiel Louie. Christopher's full family and friends circle the globe, as Chris loved to travel abroad, to Europe, Central America and especially Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. After attending Garden City schools, where he played basketball, and Henry Ford Community College, his wanderlust stuck. Chris lived in New Zealand, Colorado, and Florida, but returned to Garden City, Michigan, to care for his parents. He loved nature and spending time up north at the lakehouse his parents built in Evart, Michigan, at Lake Miramichi. Chris was a gardener and an outdoorsman who preferred to shoot with a camera. His connection with nature centered him, all magnificent six feet four inches of him. His blue eyes reflected both calm waters and winter storms, and, boy, did he have a set of legs. Chris knew birds and flowers by their names, and was himself a rare creature of strength, sensitivity and beauty, who also loved sports and the hometown teams. Chris was sole proprietor of Kleen Sweep, a cleaning business he proudly ran for twenty years, serving a small group clients who became close friends and confidants. In March 2010, Chris fell ill. One kidney was removed. Though he was able to return to work and enjoy his vintage Mercedes convertible, unfortunately, the nature of Chris' illness was never determined, and in the fall of 2012 he again fell ill. In life, Chris traveled his own singular and unique pathway; even in death, he charted his own course, though sadly the body that magnificently carried him through life lost the battle, at 54 years of age. To paraphrase the gravestone of Loren Eiseley, naturalist and poet from Nebraska, Chris too loved the earth but could not stay. His soul is now free to fly with the birds he loved, and to join his dearly departed parents and toy poodle, Bridget.

Chris' body will be cremated and a memorial party will be held in the backyard in the spring in his honor. Please sign the guestbook to receive an invitation and join his loved ones as we celebrate his life when the earth is reborn

Literally Banned from the Internet
In mid-2018, the State of Michigan finally had enough of Gina's shit and decided it was time to cut down her internet for a while. Gina was a headache for long enough for them and her aggravated stalking conviction was enough to give the internet lumberjack his axe. Gina would not go quietly into the night, the night before her sentencing she unleashed the beast on social media and posted several rants basically summing up why she needed to have her online access revoked.


There's a bunch more but it's the same panicked garbage. She would remain off the internet until October, which is when she would regain access primarily for work purpose, but was allowed to use social media, which is a privilege she would abuse. Note below, the gap in dates.


Judge Booher had to deal with this shit and I don't envy them.

Recent Events
Gina always has to have some fight on her hands. Whether it be a doctor who doesn't know her, a church she isn't a part of or a job that she has lost because of powers aligning against her, Gina. Always. Needs. To. Fight. The newest fight involves a small college in mid-Michigan named Delta College. Delta actually a tad bit of a step up from Oakland Community College, they actually grant Bachelor's degrees. How she got this gig with her internet footprint, I have no clue.


So while Gina was on Parole and she was literally banned from the internet by the State of Michigan for aggravated stalking, she managed to fuck that up as well.


She requested access to the internet so she could start getting content for courses together. The court granted her internet access for that purpose, and then decided she could use it for social media as well. She couldn't help herself though and went back to her old habits of being an unhinged nut and screaming about her probation. The response by the state was to toss her in jail.


While all this was going down, she was in the process of losing the job with Delta College that she had just received. In November, she was discharged, but Gina doesn't leave quietly. Gina sent a gigantic hunk of word salad to the college and her then former students.


And demanded that her Michigan House of Representatives Rep. do something about the unfair mental health treatment she has received which has gotten her unfairly locked up in the past because she's clearly sane and does not suffer from any dementia or break from reality.

She now blames Delta College's "sexist HR staff for her dismissal.

I wish I could say that's Gina, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much content out there on her that she publishes herself. She has an absolute fuckton of documents on other websites, but most are gonna be found here. She's also been mentioned briefly on sites like 4chan's /x/, MyDeathSpace (archive) and ED (archive) as well.

Since this thread went live, Gina was informed of this thread by some sped from London. Gina appears quite upset and it seems that she thinks the content in this thread is "slandorous". She produced 2 videos the day following the publication of this thread voicing her frustrations.

Social Media
Facebook 1
Facebook 2

Facebook 1
Facebook 2
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Sep 26, 2017
Literally Banned from the Internet
In mid-2018, the State of Michigan finally had enough of Gina's shit and decided it was time to cut down her internet for a while. Gina was a headache for long enough for them and her aggravated stalking conviction was enough to give the internet lumberjack his axe. Gina would not go quietly into the night, the night before her sentencing she unleashed the beast on social media and posted several rants basically summing up why she needed to have her online access revoked.
This part made me ROFL. Imagine being so crazy, that an entire state decides to become your personal tard wrangler. :story:

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Aug 29, 2018
Wow, that is a heckuva OP. Gina just got a new subscriber; ya sold me.

This is one of the most incredible videos I have ever witnessed, and that is saying a lot. I've been around the internets a long time:

"Fuckin' Jesus in the cunt!!!"

Check out this, from the comments section:

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Jun 3, 2015
"If I could smoke pot I'd be in much better shape, cruel motherfuckers"

Then go move to a state where pot is legalized and smoke a bowl like its 420 everyday then! They got stores that sells pot in public too!
Ironically enough, her state became one of those right around the time she was being investigated for possession. Toking up clearly isn't doing much for her massive persecution complex.

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Mar 21, 2019
nice work in compiling all of this. she reminds me of a friend I had in middle school who unfortunately went through the ringer of being diagnosed with schizophrenia while attending a Lutheran private school:

after graduating, he spent some time in a mental institution, but after being released some years ago, he now spends his time sperging out on social media, claiming he's God and that Stefanie Joosten is, in fact, "multiple women" who are "assaulting his sovereignty (as God) and sexuality". he harassed her so badly that legal action was taken against all of his social media accounts, where he (unknowingly) posted damning evidence of wishing rape upon her multiple times daily on multiple accounts. he also streams about 24/7 and has a constant feed of cameras fixed on volcanoes, the Western Wall, and other climate phenomena that he can then attach to certain scripture passages.

he also has frequent run-ins with the police like she does (and records it as well), and he too uses the phrase "mind rape" a lot, which is something really unfortunate that a lot of people afflicted with this horrible disease tend to use to describe their mental state.

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