Skitzocow Gina Marie Fournier / ginafournier1 - "RAPED BY JESUS", serial harasser, banned from the internet


Phthalo green is a basic bitch.
New vid. Apparently she threatened to burn down St. Mary Mercy. She of course denies this.

Here's some screenshots of the vid showing the 911 call notes she received. The right edge of the document is cut off, but it looks like the call notes are saying she made the threat to burn down the hospital via text (don't know if that means phone or email).




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A crucified Ronald McDonald? It's like it's meant to mean something!

Edit: I just realized she just painted over a sculpture of Jesus in order to vandalize property. Is she now trying to tell us Ronald raped her?

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It was referenced above in one of the screenshots, but her saga of the lost flash drive files over the last 24 hours has been something else. Of course, its all scattered in amongst her comparing herself to Anne Frank, and the usual schizoid nonsense, but it was a fun ride.


Gotta start dropping the phrase "brain rape infinity" into everyday conversation.

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Her 2006 book "Thelma and Louise and women in Hollywood is 392 pages, has barely any reviews on Amazon except the girl who was in her english class at Delta college that Gina went after and a former neighbor in Garden City.
Only 1 copy new for $19.99 but you can get it used for as much as $53.99, yet you can also only pay $0.68 for this 392 page doorstop that isnt even good enough to be sold at dollar general in Ruckersville.


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Just watching her videos I do feel a pang of sympathy. Schitzos live in the most terrifying world where anyone who could possibly be trying to help you is an abductor and abuser who's out to get you.
Yeah same she's clearly a genuine schizo I can't help but feel sorry for her but oh well I do enjoy a good trainwreck though, and I wish we'd get more schizo art I like these.
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"Here's the motherfucking tea."
She has posted many more tweets, and some of them are nothing but swearing. Odd. Some of them are even the same wording, too.


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So, Gina's manifesto is still under construction, this seems sensible considering her pending eviction.

A few more paintings from Gina over the last few days:



Gina talks politics:
There is a political context for this story, which should be established.

Both Democrats and Republicans have turned their back on me, but worse, Republicans retaliated outright. Democrats, no surprise, have simply acted lame, true to usual form.
Bill Schuette, Rich Cunningham’s immediate boss, the only one higher being the governor, Rick Snyder, needed Oakland County Republican power players on his side.

In 2015, he sent the state cops to harass me, I am such a loud mouth threat, in remote Mid-Michigan, after dark, on the trumped-up claim that I threatened to Kill Bill!
Some more info regarding her husband;

Due to the snowball effects of bogus mental health care, I had to leave our home suddenly in the middle of the night with police escort, my dog and lap top computer. My acutely abusive husband called the police asking them to take me away, like they might automatically send in the men wearing white coats. He was behaving uncharacteristically extremely mad.
Her husband died ten weeks later (the cause of his last life threatning visit to hospital where his kidney was removed and his subsequent recovery remains unexplained)

If I had been there, I may have interrogated the staff enough to stop them from killing my husband.

I was outside, at night, in the backyard of the family house burning debris in the firepit, when I got the word on the phone, a spiritually thoughtful courtesy call, directly from the crematorium.
And an old school shot

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7 thousand daily impressions...... you degenerates :semperfidelis:

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