Skitzocow Gina Marie Fournier / ginafournier1 - "RAPED BY JESUS", serial harasser, banned from the internet

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Dec 17, 2019
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She doesn't work, right? She's got nothing but time off. Does she mean that she has no money and thus can neither afford all this time off and a trip to the dentist?

She might also be bitching about her meds. Some meds fuck teeth up, and I can sympathize with anyone who might be paranoid about going back even to get different meds when that happens. (not saying she shouldn't though).

Lucas Silva #4903141
Feb 24, 2018
Someone is messing with Gina on twitter.
nigga toilet.png
Gina complains, and is apparently in a lot of pain over it. She assumes that dang kiwifarms is behind it.
Recent twitter archive here:
There's another picture of her in there, and she's still not suicidal, btw.


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Apr 1, 2019
Someone is messing with Gina on twitter.
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Gina complains, and is apparently in a lot of pain over it. She assumes that dang kiwifarms is behind it.
Recent twitter archive here:
There's another picture of her in there, and she's still not suicidal, btw.
Lol yes, it's this site's fault and has nothing to do with posting this kind of shit all over the place online.

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May 2, 2021
Of all the tragic schizoposting and disturbing lashing out, the one amusing thing about Gina's history online is her persistent use of an ancient photo of herself as a young woman. It pops up across various platforms and in her artwork, presented as though it's a current photo. Even when delusional, in need of intervention, and ostensibly feminist, basic bitch vanity persists.

Lucas Silva #4903141
Feb 24, 2018
Notable updates: no one is allowed to even look at her profile, because she's so paranoid that she assumes all the views on her account are from here.
Its pretty clear that most views of this account are likely Kiwi Farms trolls. I've tried all means to tell my story and save my life but William MacQueen, my Larry Nassar, brought to OCC HR to crush me, planned an attack to silence me knowing the legal system. Pain please kill.
She shit on Biden, which is kinda based.
Joe Biden is an out of touch old man/politician when he validates the Catholic pope on behalf of the USA including women gays & victims of the nasty criminal Catholics. Dr. Jill Biden wrote about nonreading but did not take a stand as brave as I did. I've been literally tortured.
A quote about America motherfucking her
America you motherfuck me with god damn criminal Catholics, you abuse me with the mess of psychiatry, you withhold equal protection for actual crimes (suicide swatting & mental health code), you torture me by not listening to my story & evidence, you make life hell & its not ok.

Lucas Silva #4903141
Feb 24, 2018
Gina took a blackpill:
Every god damn American is standing is on my last nerve. And you're bunch of fat fucks and you hurt. Has god damn Jesus been raping the fuck out of your mind, wallet, career, family, friends, housing, every god damn motherfucking thing while your body is too slowly destroyed?
She has a roommate?
Dairy. The old Trump Christian I live with as roommate believes in god as "he" and the stupidest smallest retread thoughts which he is now sharing on the job with someone else on the job remotely all working @ home. My life is god damn hell because of idiot god damn god beliefs.
More poetry, with another wish for death
Screaming into the void
god the god damn America
I need all the bitches mind raped by Jesus like me
can't compete
completely isolated
no one has been mind life raped like me
Just kill me instead of this torture
which is not ok either
but god damn hell end this mental torture
Send help? Nah, Gina says send suicidal tendencies
have mercy
some god damn person in this endless hellfuck
send suicidal tendencies
if that's all you got
but do god damn something
you god damn fucks shoot race horses
but you motherfuck and torture this bitch
since 2012
and god the fuck in hell upon you
it is not okay

Little Dark Age

Lolzymandias, colossal wreck
May 2, 2021
Gina is so mentally ill that you can't really scoff at her "hypocrisy" the way you can with other subjects on the farms, because it's all chaos upstairs. But lately she keeps talking about how she wants everyone to get raped. After years of wailing about how those dang dirty nuns mindraped and destroyed her, now she suddenly keeps wishing for everyone to get Jesus buttfucked or whatever. It's some next-level darkness from her, like damn Gina

May 11, 2021

Gina Fournier is most certainly not an asshole and is a very nice person who has never been disruptive to the communities around her with gigantic signage with vulgarities, by being rude to neighbors to the point of receiving PPOs and obnoxious to police officers.

There really isn't a better way to put it than that. Since as early as 2010, Gina has been causing problems, stirring up shit and disrupting society with behavior that could only be described as psychotic. She has been locked up for mental health reasons, filed a PPO against a husband who would die shortly thereafter, painted obscenities and posted obscene signs all over her home and has gone on a one-person campaign to drag the names of people she has worked for or been locked up by in the past. Its never a dull moment with Gina, and if your thing is screaming at cops, incoherent rants or lolsuit threats, she's got something for you.

If one thing gets Gina nice and pissed off, it's Catholics. Gina was born to Catholic Mother Eugenia Grzywacz (archive) on August 30, 1963 (archive) and this is something that pisses her off. The very existence of Catholics is a threat to her and she is being criminally violated by them (archive).

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What also pisses Gina off about the Catholics is that when she got locked up in the looney bin, it was in the Catholic St. Mary Mercy in Livonia.

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She also has worked as a teacher, going back to the early 1990s. Her past few gigs were with Oakland Community College (OCC) and Delta College, losing both for being the things that make her a lolcow. Oddly enough, the guy that she got the job at OCC over sued the school for hiring her (archive). She has a few RateMyProfessor pages, one for OCC-Royal Oak (archive) and one for OCC-Southfield (archive). In response to her low rating and criticism on RMP, she defended her honor, going onto the site to say that everyone is retarded and standards are too low so they need to stop complaining about her being late for class and unclear about the syllabus.

When Gina isn't busy not having a job or getting arrested she likes to post insanity on social media.

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February 22, 2013
Late February of 2013 was special for Gina. While her mental health appears to have been trending south for quite some time prior, this is when the police took notice of her insane activity and decided enough was enough. On February 22, 2013 Gina was taken into St. Mary Mercy in Livonia, Michigan for a psych hold. She was characterized as showing suicidal ideation and extreme aggression, while screaming that if she didn't help her dogs off the bed they would break their legs.

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She claims that this was all part of a Catholic conspiracy against her and that she was never reviewed by Dr. Andrew Muzychka, and that she was held captive against her will by the St. Mary Mercy hospital.

A review of her tweets shows that she's clearly not crazy tho.

The 2015 "JESUS RAPED ME" Incident
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In 2015, a few years after being tossed in St. Mary Mercy for being bonkers as fuck, she decided she would prove she is not absolutely out of her mind by spraypainting skitzo garbo all over her home in Garden City, a small city in suburban Detroit. This clearly disturbed her neighbors and led to a great deal of local media coverage. Fox 2 in Detroit (archive) and the Detroit Free Press (archive) both covered the story. Their take was essentially that the police and neighbors could do little in response. Below are some quotes from her neighbors:

Subsequent to leaving Garden City, she has bounced around the mid-Michigan area, pulling the same shit again.

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In addition to this incident, she has made herself known as a menace in her neighborhood on several other occasions. In 2017, a PPO was filed against Gina because of her history of being combative with neighbors when walking though the neighborhood. Here are some pages from the PPO.

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The PPO was filed by a police officer and their wife.
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Gina eventually lost this property, as well as a lakehouse her and her husband Chris owned together.

While she appears to speak with reverence when talking about her late husband Chris now, she did not always think so highly of him. In 2012, prior to his death, she filed a report against him alleging physical, emotional and psychological abuse. According to a February 2013 psych evaluation, they were having marital problems 2-3 months before he died.
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Later on she would claim that Chris filed a "retaliatory PPO" against her because he was coached by the OCC to do so.

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Below is his obituary (archive). Note that the obituary recognizes he fell ill in 2010, had a kidney removed and became ill again in 2012 and that the police report against Chris was filed in October of 2012.

Literally Banned from the Internet
In mid-2018, the State of Michigan finally had enough of Gina's shit and decided it was time to cut down her internet for a while. Gina was a headache for long enough for them and her aggravated stalking conviction was enough to give the internet lumberjack his axe. Gina would not go quietly into the night, the night before her sentencing she unleashed the beast on social media and posted several rants basically summing up why she needed to have her online access revoked.

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There's a bunch more but it's the same panicked garbage. She would remain off the internet until October, which is when she would regain access primarily for work purpose, but was allowed to use social media, which is a privilege she would abuse. Note below, the gap in dates.

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Judge Booher had to deal with this shit and I don't envy them.
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Recent Events
Gina always has to have some fight on her hands. Whether it be a doctor who doesn't know her, a church she isn't a part of or a job that she has lost because of powers aligning against her, Gina. Always. Needs. To. Fight. The newest fight involves a small college in mid-Michigan named Delta College. Delta actually a tad bit of a step up from Oakland Community College, they actually grant Bachelor's degrees. How she got this gig with her internet footprint, I have no clue.

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So while Gina was on Parole and she was literally banned from the internet by the State of Michigan for aggravated stalking, she managed to fuck that up as well.

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She requested access to the internet so she could start getting content for courses together. The court granted her internet access for that purpose, and then decided she could use it for social media as well. She couldn't help herself though and went back to her old habits of being an unhinged nut and screaming about her probation. The response by the state was to toss her in jail.

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While all this was going down, she was in the process of losing the job with Delta College that she had just received. In November, she was discharged, but Gina doesn't leave quietly. Gina sent a gigantic hunk of word salad to the college and her then former students.

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And demanded that her Michigan House of Representatives Rep. do something about the unfair mental health treatment she has received which has gotten her unfairly locked up in the past because she's clearly sane and does not suffer from any dementia or break from reality.
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She now blames Delta College's "sexist HR staff for her dismissal.
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I wish I could say that's Gina, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much content out there on her that she publishes herself. She has an absolute fuckton of documents on other websites, but most are gonna be found here. She's also been mentioned briefly on sites like 4chan's /x/, MyDeathSpace (archive) and ED (archive) as well.

Since this thread went live, Gina was informed of this thread by some sped from London. Gina appears quite upset and it seems that she thinks the content in this thread is "slandorous". She produced 2 videos the day following the publication of this thread voicing her frustrations.

Social Media
Facebook 1
Facebook 2

Facebook 1
Facebook 2
Lol when I loaded up this thread I almost thought I saw this guy

Lucas Silva #4903141
Feb 24, 2018
There's more schizo shit from her, but she's saying she has a job in a few of these.
On break ridiculous customer service job. Sub contractor grossly understaffed have no hesitancy cracking the whip speeding up the dehumanizing demands of speed etc. I need a different job. Zero chance in the fuck hell of Catholic Jesus there is another job out there here 4 me.
Waking up to work my ridiculous re-traumatizing customer service job is depressing. Waking up on weekends to my personal life is even worse. I can't accept criminal mental abuse by my former greedy co workers, my state, country, entire world and the nasty Catholics of Livonia MI.

Lucas Silva #4903141
Feb 24, 2018
More schizo rambling.
This is worth quoting:
this country is dog shit
psychiatric treatment and drug cause suicide and that's okay $$$
a woman tells her story of suicide swatting since 2013
and the human shit of usa do nothing
but go watch a fucking movie called suicide squad
I hope mickey mouse kills himself
fuck you usa
Gina confirmed for hating capeshit. Based?


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Feb 3, 2013
Was she dyeing her hair before or did she suddenly go all gray?

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Feb 20, 2017
Lol, Imagine going up to check out at a store and running into someone like her.
I've met at least one schizophrenic person in public that was a pretty common patreon at this donut shop I liked. All she ever did was walk in, pick up the payphone and talk to no one then sit down and sleep at a table before leaving again. I don't know how I would have reacted to someone like this person.


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Sep 14, 2021
The latter, I'm guessing. It's not like she posts a lot of pictures of herself, though.
It's true, she basically posts the same 40 year old photo of herself in a bra top over and over...


or a 10+ year old more flattering pic. I'm kind of surprised that she's posted herself gray haired and with a double chin. For all of Gina's odd and tragic behavior, she's always been extremely typical of "woman who is chronically online" in her vanity.

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