Skitzocow Gina Marie Fournier / ginafournier1 - "RAPED BY JESUS", serial harasser, banned from the internet

DoggoBloggo RedMan

"Here's the motherfucking tea."
"The problem with jail is not the attire. The problem with jail is the locked doors and lack of fresh air"

I think we can all appreciate those words of wisdom from Gina's Wordpress
So the problem with jail is the fact that they lock doors and keep you fenced in ...who would've guessed! Obviously we should let everyone have unbarred cells and access to the real world. Criminals are human after all.

DoggoBloggo RedMan

"Here's the motherfucking tea."
FELLOW KIWIS I found her Instagram. She has a picture of spinach too, and says "It's good for my completion" lol

Lol! These cops back in 2018

(Edit) This Instagram profile is 2018.
(Edit) I'm dyslexic it says Complection not Completion.


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The Pink Panther

The Dumb Squash From Lugash
She is one of the better lolcow with interesting art both bizarre subject manner and skill. I hope I can see more on the thread.
Not only that, but her non-sequitur way of speaking. Recalling dates, captioning her Instagram photos with random emotions, posting Insta photos of police watching her, her bizarre version of TDS. Goddamn, what a hoot.

Oh Jesus. This is so classic schizophrenia you could write a textbook entry just about this case. Tbh, schizophrenia scares me like dementia does. She genuinely believes she's sane but since her brain is constantly playing tricks, she also genuinely hears voices. Most mental illnesses you know you have a problem so you can do something about it. This chick is fucked forever and tbh, must be fucking terrified 24/7. Is there a reason to be? No, of course not but that's schizophrenia for you. She needs to be locked up so she stops bothering others or eventually hurts someone but of course, the entire time, she would be kicking and screaming because she would feel she was being attacked. She will never understand unless and until someone gets some good drugs into her. Her life is nothing but terror all day, every day. Christ, that's terrifying.

I don't know what you even do with people like this. I mean, as fucked as it sounds, if a sane person was genuinely experiencing the extreme, government or religious stalking events that she describes happening to them, her reaction would be pretty close to a sane reaction anyone else would have to said events. Of course, said events are only in her head and not real. Damn.
Sorry to break it to you, but you’re clearly skitzo and should get help too.

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