Skitzocow Gina Marie Fournier / ginafournier1 - "RAPED BY JESUS", serial harasser, banned from the internet


Got mad that she fucked up an address on a letter (which as you can see above, isn't just a PO BOX)



Got jealous of a person who was possibly actually raped

Got mad that all the politicians in Michigan ignore her craziness

Actually gets a phone call back from a employee of the Governor (from probably spamming their phones all day) and ignores it


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Separated at birth?

Perimenopause ("pre" menopause) apparently starts for women in their 40s. Women around this age with pre-existing schizophrenia can experience a change in their symptoms (in this case, significant deterioration), that seems to be linked to changes in oestrogen levels. This age is also the second peak of risk in women (the first being young adulthood) for the first onset of psychoses/schizophrenic symptoms.

She was born in 1963, so she's 55-56. Her most extreme behaviour being in the last 10 years could fit with the above, and explain how she was (barely) able to hold down a job as a teacher prior to this.

Would be interesting to know what she was like when she was younger.

Apparently shes originally from MA and Los Angeles.
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This seems odd;

At first glance it's a happy painting, it's almost positive...


Until you take a closer look in the corner behind the tree... the smile in particular is drawn very differently

Hypothetically speaking here, could the fixation on her 'rape' by Jesus and abuse by the Church when she was young be a psychological symptom of earlier abuse ?
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Take those websites with a grain of salt. They're usually bot-generated and unreliable.
Yeah, my entry claims that I'm related to some random guy with the same last name who I've never even heard of.

Anyway, she displays quite the Russell Greer level of entitlement to press coverage here, complete with shitting on actual victims. Also, good job on revealing her constant "I'm so in pain help me" as the selfish attempt at manipulation that it is; as we can see from her dealings with various state officials, if your attempt to help her doesn't consist of doing just what she wants, she rejects it and you become another one of her targets. I mean, I'm sure being a raving batshit loony is genuinely extremely unpleasant, but decent people in pain don't spray their misery everywhere bringing everyone else down with them. She's quite unsympathetic once you realize what you are really dealing with.

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@The_Doctor (and other Kiwis) Might want to edit or crop out the top bar of your browser when you screenshot, to make sure email addresses and other visited websites do not show up for everyone to see.
Those screens are from Gina’s browser. They’re full sizes of her twitter posts. Nothing interesting anyway. Interesting bring “big horse cock hentai” or “Donald trump doujinshi.”

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