Give the superpower of the above poster, and their kryptonite. -

Richardo Retardo

Trying my damnedest not to be a massive sperg
Super power: Permanently changing someone's face so they always invoke the uncanny valley

Kryptonite: All of the people that you do that to ganging up on you and getting beaten up by a band of really creepy looking fucks.

Absolute Brainlet

Butterfly Bro
Stand ability: rapidly accelerate or slow down the speed at which a living body's cells die
Kryptonite: having a Stand is kryptonite in and of itself, because gravity will ensure you never have a quiet life again
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Stephanie Bustcakes

This is what Chris actually believes
Ability to see through everything.

Your weakness is you see through EVERYTHING meaning when you use your power you can only see the inky blackness of space.
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Superpower: Pretty much omnipotent little brat and sweet bass skills.

Kryptonite: Dumbass friends.

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