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Give user descriptors based off of rating summary

Discussion in 'Forum Discussion' started by _01, Jun 11, 2018.

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  1. I think it'd be neat if we gave user descriptors on a poster's profile based off of the amount of a specific rating they've received. That probably sounded like a word salad, but I have mockups below to better get my suggestions across. It's ultimately pointless, but it'll be a fun thing to tie in the rating system a bit more, give users a more distinct sense of individuality, and give the forum as a whole a bit more quirky charm.

    On a poster's profile and on their profile pop-up, it should give a descriptor of a poster's "strengths," "weaknesses," and "quirks" based off of the top two green, red, and white ratings they've received, respectively. In an adjective-noun format, the second-most given rating forms the adjective and top most given rating forms the noun, with each rating having their own adjective and noun tied to it. Some ideas off the top of my head:


    So, for example (and using my own received ratings), my own strengths/weaknesses/quirks would be:

    My most received green rating is Agree followed by Winner, so:
    Incredible Voice of Reason

    My most received red rating is Islamic Content followed by Late, so:
    Absent-Minded Poster of Peace

    My most received white rating is Thoughtful followed by Horrifying, so:
    Terrifying Curiosity

    Here's two quick mockups showing what it could look like:



    I think it'd be a cute little addition that'll entertain users, and make our rating system even more unique than it already is. The big issue, though, is some ratings will never be the most-given rating for a user, like DRINK which is tied to donators or Nice Meme! which isn't even possible anymore.
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  2. they're on the shitposting board, and play a nice voice clip when awarded to others. I love giving them out.
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  3. This is a great idea. The mock-ups look great too. The only real problem I can see is that some ratings are overwhelmingly more common than others; even people who have a disproportionate number of "Winner" ratings will probably have even more likes because some people (such as myself) are sort of stingy with the winners but give out likes freely.
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  4. That would be an issue. It could maybe be solved if certain ratings carried more weight, i.e. a "DRINK" rating is worth the same as 300 "Winner" ratings" or something, but that's adding a lot of work for an ultimately superficial system.
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  5. What if it is a tie? My most received White Ratings are a tie between Thoughtful and Optimistic, so I don't really know how that would work out.
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  6. I don't know man. I'd hardly classify myself as a voice of reason.
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  7. I wanted to shit on this idea, because I think it would lead to rating-farming, and we would see a lot more posts that are just riding off each others;

    User 1 makes a post that's hugely popular, users ,2,3,4,and 5 make a similar post right after for a title.

    That being said, after reading the whole OP with screenshots and all, it looks fun.

    I'm on the fence between a fun idea, and what kinds of shit-posts would come with it.
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    James Howlett

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  8. lol caring about ratings

    Go fuck yourself
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    Dynastia woman respecter
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  9. Shouldn't Islamic Content be Halal? Anyway I am looking forward to Ulama, Mufti, and Imam for users that accumulate many many Islamic Content ratings.

    awoo peacefully napping

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