Containment Giving Chris Money Debate Thread - it's about ethics in giving exceptional individuals money

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A lot of threads are getting derailed over people flipping their shit over the fact that people are giving Chris money and abusing the word "ween". Other people disagree with them and continue to derail the thread. This thread can serve as a place to discuss that issue, and a place for off topic sperging about it it in other threads to be moved to.
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People can spend money on whatever they want and give it to whoever they want. There's no obligation that was made here that says people can't donate to fatty. Giving money to him just encourages his shitty behavior, but people will do what they want and it doesn't matter what any whiner says. I personally get enjoyment from the salt when people get generous with fatty.

If chris receiving money from dumbasses pisses you off then you're autistic
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You have to look at the ethics of giving Chris money as giving someone that has more than enough something that he will use selfishly on things he doesn't need such as Legos, Video Games, and toys which is only enabling him not to realize that there will not be people "donating" money to him every time he makes a video. Like all "fads" this one will fade and he'll have to face reality that once the money well known as epic ween kids dry up then he'll have to use his disability checks (I fucking hate using the term tugboat as it's childish) for things him and Barb needs rather than trying to satisfy their wants.

Chris believes he's in some cartoon or sitcom where he can have money thrown at him when he asks. His recent behavior and rants against Cole just shows he believes that money should be given to him on a silver platter for what he wants instead of what's best to take care of his current situation. It's all the way you all look at it is that if weens keep giving money to Chris then he'll expect it more and more.

While the box of donations when his home was burned down was done to help him get back on his feet, he believes that if he continues to beg for "help" then he can be well taken care of even after Barb leaves this world.

Chris was not mentally prepared for adulthood because of how sheltered he was thanks to Bob and Barb. These two were a factor in his upbringing to what he is today. Their ignorance on how to care for an autistic child resulted in a doomed man.

I feel bad for Chris but not enough to give him money. People like the weens, @DStecks, and overall anyone that is his so-called support group has caused these begging videos with the strong sense of "Oh if I ask then I shall receive with minimal effort" attitude that Chris has adapted into a full on persona.

There are no question of whether or not to give him money. The simple answer is that if Chris is making up lies about what he's using the money for then giving him money is a horrible idea.

Chris having money is a slow moving train wreck that will collide with another train sooner or later once "donations" dry up.
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The inner conflict for me is that intentionally or not Chris has given us years of entertainment and hundreds of hours of content. While his current situation I have little sympathy towards because Chris's own actions and him breaking the law led to his predicament, I do feel like Chris deserves some sort of compensation for all the entertainment he has given us. Unfortunately, the way he asks for this compensation is incredibly dubious and makes it incredibly difficult to sympathize with him at all. If he was actually producing quality videos and vlogs and consistently making Sonichu I would have very little problem donating monthly towards a patreon, and I think many people would feel the same. Chris is still potentially sitting on a gold mine, which is another reason why his inaction gives me little reason or desire to support him and his "endeavors."


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There are people with actually crippling mental disorders, Chris is a poster boy for an ill minded future, but he isn't supposed to be so bad off at this point. Even those suffering from severe psychological trauma from an abusive upbringing can live a happy humble life. Chris wants a happy humble life, but it's all clouded with childish delusions that it'll just be handed over to him materially.

It kind of is, in fact it is. Chris knows what he wants, he just refuses to act towards what he wants without a handout.

As for people giving him donations, it honestly is not my place to really say anything about how other's spend money. I had it very easy in my life in several areas, if only Chris would acknowledge how the years just gone by. But we can't be optimistic.

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I think it's fine. The only way I'd do that though is if I got a souvenir out of it.
Yes, that happened on etsy, ebay, and numerous other places. People are still waiting on their souvenirs...I do not know, I like my souvenirs to last and remind me of pleasant memories.
I can see both sides of the black hole that is Chris-Chan's spending and begging habits. I, personally believe giving Chris-Chan money is a bad idea because it perpetuates the idea that you can be fat, lazy, and unproductive, and a big white man will still come and save you. Chris has only given people unintentional laughter and lately, his milk has been powdered. I feel sympathy for Chris-Chan, it must be difficult living with mental and physical handicap, but people do it successfully all the time and do not complain or make asses out of themselves. I know that smug and delusional Chris is really lulzy, but eventually, a great majority of us will grow out of our fascination with Chris-Chan. The entire lesbian with a duck will eventually get stale and Chris does not care to diversify his brand. In the distant or near future, Chris is going to have a "true and honest" confrontation with reality and people shipping in more Autismbux is prolonging the inevitable while making it much worse.
The inner conflict for me is that intentionally or not Chris has given us years of entertainment and hundreds of hours of content.
Similar to what I typed earlier, this was not Chris intentionally setting out to make the world a better place by being a court jester, people had to provoke him several times, or we would just get some fat guy talking about how great he is while creeping out women on facebook.

There are no question of whether or not to give him money. The simple answer is that if Chris is making up lies about what he's using the money for then giving him money is a horrible idea.
That part as well makes me very uneasy, Chris knows better than to lie, but he just does not care. Lying to sit around all day and play make believe should not be rewarded in any society. What I really find odd is that people, both trolls and "weens" alike loved to set up Chris for failure and watch him become disheartened every time, now people treat him like he is an endangered species of whale that can only survive by rolling around in donated funds.

A certain town near me isn't that large, there's only one Walmart, and one McDonald's, but it's large enough to have a few panhandlers from time to time at various intersections. Or the girl that ran out of gas in the parking lot, but she can't tell you where her car is so you can put some gas in it rather than giving her cash. Of course I don't believe a bit of their bullshit and their sob stories. I know some people do buy it, or have even defended the giving with "now what if that was jesus in disguise?" (Yeah, they think jesus goes around trolling people to see if they'll donate to the needy:lol:).

So the town is small enough that these beggars do get recognized on local social media, and their backstories are revealed. They live in subsidized housing, get a check, get food stamps, have Medicaid, etc. but they beg so they can buy more beer and cigs. What I totally object to is the dishonesty that is involved in this. If you're an idiot, and you want to give a bum a five so he can buy a pint, that's your business . But you're an even bigger idiot if you think that five is going to buy a meal at the diner or some diapers for his kid. They already figured that shit out, they're at the food pantries and everywhere else free shit is handed out and they have their necessities covered. They just want you to pay for their luxuries. Who doesn't? But if you feed them, they'll never leave, and if the free food suddenly stops, they may forget how to survive on their own.

As for the $20 or $50 emergency Chris had the other day, wasn't that on a Sunday? He never said what the "emergency" was. I couldn't figure out how the money was going to move from Paypal to the bank to wherever to make an emergency purchase on a Sunday. Probably just an eBay auction ending. Now as long as you realize that is what your "donation" is going for, whatever. But if you think your money is feeding fatty or paying for Barb's healthcare needs, you are deluded. Past that, I don't know who sends Chris money. There's nothing for me to do about it. If you ask me if you should send money, I will say no. But other than that, your mind is probably made up and I'm not going to say much past this post, because it doesn't matter to me and if you are considering sending Chris money, I'm sure what I think doesn't matter to you.

Who gives a fuck

If people want to waste their money on fatty that's their choice
People are free to mock them if they wish

I keep seeing people acting super pissy about the fact that people are baiting THEIR lolcow into begging more, as if the behavior of a human being is somehow their personal property.

Just because Chris is a fat autistic lolcow doesn't mean we're entitled to shit, we're just along for the spergy ride. It amazes me that people are getting upset about it
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