Containment Giving Chris Money Debate Thread - it's about ethics in giving exceptional individuals money

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Because people like to see others mad.
Chris gets mad when he doesn't get all the money he wants
and tryhards will get mad because they're tryhards.

I think it has to do with just the number of people who are aware of him. Even if only 0.1% of them are willing to give him money, that could still be 50+ people. 50 people throwing 5 bucks at a guy on his command is more than enough to crowd fund someones life style. Remember that him and his mother also get welfare so bills are all taken care of one way or another. The chandlers get by very very comfortably. They just play up the financial problems to sucker people into giving them money
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This is The End, beautiful friend.
It's like, you know when you are on Bandcamp or something and they offer the album for free but you can donate something to the artist? It's like that. Chris' comedy of errors has kept people genuinely entertained for over a decade and sometimes you just wanna toss a little something his way. I've spent money on less interesting things TBH.
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