Containment Giving Chris Money Debate Thread - it's about ethics in giving exceptional individuals money

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its not like the comic is worth a damn. its always been shitty. its not even real content. his life is much more interesting than his autistic scribblings.

too much money + too much tism = chris getting money donated by people with too much of both

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W33ns and their troll's remorse.
They do know that they're just enabling his fuckery, right?
I don't believe that constitutes the majority of people. Remember that there are people who frequent this forum that get upset when Chris gets money. I think us, Chris' true and honest fans, are why people give him money, which isn't doing him any favors because that first big donation that came from dstecks dangerously inflated Chris' ego and broke him further. Letting them give him money is ok.

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People legitimately think giving Chris money = good CWC content. We know this is false but when you have people as exceptional as Chris giving him fuel... this is what happens. Never ending cycle of foolishness.


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Giving Chris money is fine but you should really do it in person, in pennies, thrown as hard as possible.
That's what kids did to him in highschool according to the Jackie emails, so they could watch him pick it up one by one and laugh. When Jackie asked him why he didn't just walk away he told her that whatever the case it's still FREE MONEY.

So yeah that'd probably be the best way to give Chris sheckles.


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I think its the people who discovered Chris Chan late and still haven't learned his "glory days" are long over. They read the cwcki and think maybe giving him money will make him do something entertaining. He's been a boring tranny playing with legos for years. There is no good content left in him. What was the last big thing he did? Maced a guy at game stop two years ago? I mean, that was pretty funny but what else. Begging videos and whining about blumpf on twitter is boring. He is a boring man. Stop giving him money.
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