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So, why not actually take a picture at the beach instead of looking like you're stumbling around lost in the woods. I take it they either lied about the open beach, or weren't allowed to take pictures on the beach.
Where I live, there's forest near some of the beaches. Maybe she's posing on a pathway to the beach.

I'm confused. Here is a video she uploaded saying she's celebrating her 21st birthday:

But her author profile says she was born in 1994. 🤔
There's nothing to be confused about. She's a liar who changed her name to Sofia Nova, so she changed the character's age as well. She deleted all the Maradonia related content from her Youtube channel, so it seems she's trying for a fresh start with Moon Lake.

Here's a hilarious video of her talking about how great her mother's illustrations are.


That pancake butt, though.
Yup, well she's not bad looking and all things considered her body is better than average, but for someone who cares about her online presence so much she's just so unatlethic, she's slim but seems like she never did a squat in her life.

At some point I thought that her going "the onlyfans way" is the only way she'll gain the attention she craves so much.

But with how unpopular the vids are where she goes full thot mode with her friends

I think that even her nudes wouldn't gain any traction.



Summary for anyone who doesn't want to listen:
1. The book while mediocre, is much better than the Maradonia books.
2. There are a few contingency and pacing issues but nothing major like her previous work.
3. The main human character is underage but is close to indulging in the hanky panky with a 300-year-old mermaid.
4. The illustrations are reused Maradonia illustrations.

I guess that communications degree from a shitty school in Florida has done some good.