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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by bradsternum, Mar 2, 2013.

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  1. Would she though? The last boyfriend disappeared without a whisper. And she kept the lid pretty tight on her home life with her father too. If her marriage does fall apart, I suspect Gloria would keep silent until everything was settled and the divorce papers signed, and then start swanning around on social media like a figurehead for strong, independent (and totally hott + single) womanhood.

  2. No, she'll just quickly get another boyfriend who can give her something of material value. She'll be swinging from one branch after another until her looks fade. Hell, Marina is still pulling this off at her age. The Russian gold digger genes are strong in that family.
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  4. No talking shit about Future Wife,
    you should do an audiobook.
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  5. Do you have copies of the others? I forgot how many there are since Gerry started splitting and reediting the books, but iirc she supposedly never finished the last 2 or 3.

    Oh yeah, conjugal felicity finished the movie sporkings since the Farms were down.

  7. I own one of those! I put it next to Lord of the Rings, Battle Royale, Harry Potter and A Song of Ice and Fire on my bookshelf.

    You know, because it's one of the greats. I just flipped through it (my fiance brought it over only a couple of days ago) and immediately found typos, godmoding and Maya being a dreadful person.

    ETA: I don't own physical copies of any of the other books but I do own copies of all the available ones on kindle. Yes, I'm a loser.
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  8. Didn't her family go into ruin or something?
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  9. She probably did a shoot with a photographer named Armani or something. I think I've seen that name on her instagram.
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  10. Her dad lost his money on the Maradonia movie and the house was foreclosed on. Her parents then got divorced and her gold digger mother found new husbands for her and Gloria.
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  11. Christ, I wonder if they knew they wouldn't even make a dime from that green screen of fail.

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  12. It's too bad. Gerry could have made some money showing it at indie theaters and doing The Room style tours and Q&A's.
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  13. oh the possibility of that, if only they didn't encourage their daughter's delusions
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  14. I never really followed Gloria, so realizing that her father is now broke after wasting all his money on this stupid movie and her parents got divorced is kinda ... outrageous.

    And a bit sad, too. I had hoped there will be a sequel.
    Dat floating sword scene.
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  15. At best they can hope that the movie becomes a cult classic.

  16. Not to mention the screeching witches. "Taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaste ooooooooooooooooooooooooour poooooooooooooooooooower!"
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  17. So, I have a video of Glo doing her version of Wild for the Night at an Applebee's Karaoke, but the file is bigger than 10mb. Any ideas to how I can get it up here to share with you fine people? My computer kung-fu isn't very strong.

    Edit: Managed to make a smaller file, but it still won't load. Compressed, unblocked and all. Does Kiwifarms have trouble supporting MP4 or it this a case of operator's error?
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  18. Oh Gloria. Glorious Girl you are. Only with a name with "Glory" in it can anyone have such gloriousness.

    Your filmmaking skills suck though.

    Oh Glorious Gloria. Don't you think you're falling? If everybody wants you, why isn't anybody calling?
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