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It would be funny to find some weirdo's name attached to it, I couldn't find anything either.
OK, found it. A Joshua Gay (1981-03-23) did it- described as "balancing gender-based pronouns" (by balancing, he meant 'getting rid of all the males').
He doesn't appear to be a tranny or anything like that, but he did join in the betrayal of Stallman.
Hahah gay
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He doesn't appear to be a tranny or anything like that, but he did join in the betrayal of Stallman.
I'm going to crosspost this from the FOSS community thread, but I did some digging the other night after seeing an interesting FSF announcement and there's been months long infighting within the GNU project between people who want to throw RMS under the bus and RMS loyalists.
Drama regarding the FSF and RMS has kinda faded with drama like Coraline Ada's licenses or stupid shit with repos popping up, and the FSF has mostly focused on the "upcycle Windows 7" campaign that's been mocked by a lot of tech industry types. But one thing stood out when I visited the FSF site today.

RMS is still the leader of the GNU project despite his excommunication from the FSF. The FSF has a news link and email for sending public comments to as they're planning to work out an agreement with RMS/the GNU project. There's also been fights on the mailing list for months at a time over some GNU users pushing a new "social contract" as an alleged hostile takeover of the project from RMS and this seems to have been in the works for months as seen from a ZDNet story.

It's some drama that seems to have been overlooked but I just found out about this today. It's possibly worth paying attention to as well.

Ummm, Canonical? This is extremely problematic.
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EDIT: On a more serious note @SoapQueen1, translations of seem to be kept in various version control systems, so I imagine there must be a official English CVS/git/whatever somewhere where one could track down the culprit. I can't find it though.
Slightly ot but Emacs has a program called woman for reading man-pages, being an acronym of w/o man, as it parses them natively in Emacs without needing the man program.

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