Big Al's Crusty Sty

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I don’t even have to watch. I’m psychic. They’re going to go to Lexington & Big Al will go to Target & get a 90’s Time Capsule box type situation there for Becky. & of course the Cheesecake Factory too.

So glad she got to get away from it all & take some time for herself for a change!!

ETA. The black & white footage of her is fucking terrifying!!!

Chaos Is Me

What fucking bore. Sometimes I don’t even know why I watch this frustrating and repetitive content. All she’s capable of being is an adult who refuses to take on adult responsibilities and commitments, even though she has access to so many resources.

“This angle is bad.” Implying that she has good angles... riiiight.

Is this really the third time in a row where she has “forgotten to end the video?” Jesus christ, you can’t even do your only job properly, gorl.


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she must be so tired from colouring in.

the youtube comments are talking about a Des B who teh fuck is Des B
Someone who copy-pastes text about cyber-bullying , both in Amber's comments and on the 'Haydur' channels.

There are two things they most commonly post, the first along the lines of 'wtf you realise this is cyber-bullying?', the second is a wall of text including definitions of what cyber-bullying is and how it occurs. Rabidly defends Amber in replies.

Frequently posts this shit on the most innocuous comments.

Edit: Charming, too.

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