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I feel so sorry that her therapist has to listen to her ramble the way she does between 0:35 - 3:18. Nobody deserves that.

Especially when the bitch follows it up by eating a fast food veggie burger and potato wedges. :story: Oh wow imagine a veggie burger having cucumbers on it. I can't believe they forgot the cream cheese and bacon on it.


Has she ever mentioned the name of the medicine she's on? She just keeps calling it her mood stabilizer. Her vagueness really lends credence to the idea that she's not actually taking anything, and not seeing anyone who actually has the ability to prescribe medicine.
Farmers figured out it was Lamictal because Amber said her meds could give her A DEATHLY RASH, which is one of its serious side effects.

gorl on a mission

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Is this really the third time in a row where she has “forgotten to end the video?” Jesus christ, you can’t even do your only job properly, gorl.
game theory: amberlynn isn't actually forgetting to end the videos, she actually does end them, edits that out and then records her rambling about not ending them, making the ending 30 seconds longer than it would've been and tipping her over the 10 minute mark.

haven't all of the videos she's "forgotten to end" fallen just short of 10 minutes in content, then tipped over it because of her rambly sorry gaiyz i forgot to record an outro hehe type situation?


I resigned up for weight watchers
Maggots in her trash? I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner. Also, glad to see out gorls doing so much better with her meals without the weight loss doctor (veggies!!).
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Nice so that one meal is 37 ww points, which is more than a normal person gets alloted in one day and more than half of yours good job gorl!!!! Dont forget the coke and the candy she also brought you off camera. Now regarding the vacation miss thing is looking to gain some weight, with her usual plate at the cheesecake factory being 102 points 😂 . Mama I think easily gained 10 pounds on this trip alone.

I guarantee there is some type of tension in the house from amber tattling on eric for not getting her hardees which was traumatic for her and becky said somthing to him. Thats why they have to " get away" because this 650 pound beast threw a embarrassing tantrum when becky got back.

Dr. Studman M.D.

Oh, dang, you done gave one lil' ol' reggroll.
I stopped watching because bitch is boring and others feel the same as no one does recaps anymore (lol). When did he start sporting Becky levels of double chin? Big gorl's face is gonna be connected to her clavicles in two months time.
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She has such an addict personality. She think she's 'tricking' WW, by playing fast and loose with points, as if the pounds won't show up, regardless of her games. And she wants to mess around like she's making healthy choices, like the reality of what she's eating isn't going to have an impact on her health, because she's so clever. No one in their right mind would think that's a healthy meal or a good choice for someone 600lbs and on a 'weight loss journey'. She just says, 'Veggie burger!' as if that magically alters the calories, fat, sodium, etc. of what she's eating. It's a childishness you see in a lot of addicts who were addicts from teen years..they never grow up in thinking. They always think things are someone else's fault, like a kid and try to 'get away' with things, not realizing they're grown and only hurting themselves. I say just drop the pretense and get what you really want to eat.

She plays these games and continues to either gain or not lose weight. We know she's still eating the way she always has. That's basic science. She has to be.

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