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Yeah I don't think she looks like she's lost any weight, let alone 30 lbs, but who knows?

I know that they are both enormo-gantic bloatmaxxing LardWhales, but you would still think 30 entire pounds would be noticeable on the slightly smaller Fatass that is Necky, right? She is bigger and redder and fatter and butterier every time we see her.....just like AL and Jen and Chantal and every single other professional Youtube pork queen.

Even if she hasn't gained, she surely the fuck hasn't LOST. Bigass HamLard is just as addicted to lying as she is to feeding - maybe she just finally cottoned on to the fact that EVERYONE KNOWS she hasn't lost a fucking ounce and she isn't even pretending to try any more (mUh SoDiUmS aNd VegGiBuLlS!) so she threw a randon number at her Sluggy Thumb Goblin instead.

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enormo-gantic bloatmaxxing LardWhales
the slightly smaller Fatass that is Necky
bigger and redder and fatter and butterier
every single other professional Youtube pork queen.
Bigass HamLard
(mUh SoDiUmS aNd VegGiBuLlS!)
Sluggy Thumb Goblin instead.
Holy MATI, Batman!
I gotta start making a cardcast deck for ALR or the beauty parlor in general, these are too good.


Everyone in that house should be cheering this vacation.
They can rent a handicapped room so Amber can fit in the shower & maybe get clean (really clean) for the first time in months.
The ones left behind can fumigate the house & sit in their pool without Amber fouling it up.
And the restaurants Amber will eat from will rejoice!
Cheesecake Factory alone should have seen a bump in business (last) month when they 'vacationed' there.


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Perhaps her "meds" caused a fleeting moment of self-awareness when she couldn't ignore the fact that she's a 600+lb land mass living in a state she hates with people she hates, doing a "job" she hates for viewers she hates??
That might cause a moment of depression; quickly remedied by a gross, sloppy veggie burger and deep fried potatoes.

Thank heavens the Thumb was around to fetch her crap and beat that pesky self awareness back into submission....


who cares about storms or the weather when you don't leave the house anyway? It sounds like if these medications are real she was having an eye opening moment of realizing what a shitty person she is. she didn't care about anything or anyone, but that's how she always is. thankfully that quickly went away. time to go to the cheesecake factory to help Becky regain those 30 pounds. maybe send Becky out to see if 5 below has those donut tictacs and order take out rice while she is gone.

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How dare that person compare Hamber to Kirby. Kirby is cute and pleasant and badass.


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I watched this video thinking “she’s setting us up for failing another diet because of her anxiety”. And lo and behold, Becky brought home a burger for Hamber. Surprise surprise.
I get anxiety too. And you know what helps? Working out and staying on a consistently healthy diet.
How depressing must living in this house be. Mono-tone-us days broken up with Becky bringing home treats and maybe giving ALR baths.
She has the life of a dog. Except she doesn’t get to go for walks and she has to pee inside.

She ate the whole bun, of course, because that WLS doctor didn't know what the fuck he was talking about, boo boo.
“I’m a plain Jane when it comes to stuff like that”

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Holy shit there is a LOT to unpack here. I'm gonna have to do a review here.

EDIT: This video cements the fact Amber is on that inflatable mattress. The angle when they are watching movies, the location etc. Fucking sad.

So is she sleeping there also? Doubtful. But her taint is so dirty she can't sit on the real furniture.
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Is this really the third time in a row where she has “forgotten to end the video?” Jesus christ, you can’t even do your only job properly, gorl.

game theory: amberlynn isn't actually forgetting to end the videos, she actually does end them, edits that out and then records her rambling about not ending them, making the ending 30 seconds longer than it would've been and tipping her over the 10 minute mark.

haven't all of the videos she's "forgotten to end" fallen just short of 10 minutes in content, then tipped over it because of her rambly sorry gaiyz i forgot to record an outro hehe type situation?

Remember that time she edited 20 videos in one day? I'm betting that consisted of her splicing together random clips on her phone to try to make 10 minute masterpieces, then realizing she had more footage than she had recorded outros. And rather than just make the six or eight videos she'd actually planned (to the extent that she had an outro filmed for them at least) she decided to capitalize on the hours of outtakes and make a dozen more. The one area of her life where she's thrifty as fuck...

This would annoy me somewhat, but she really takes it to the next level with her, "Whoopsie! I forgot, lol!" lah for no reason.

Senseless. Our gorl is just... senseless.


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whenever she talks about experiencing a “wave of depression” like there’s no reason for her to feel down or her bahpolar is acteen up... that just baffles me. the mood stabilizers for the mood disorder she manipulated a specialist into believing she had so that she wouldn’t get ousted as a narcissist are just lifting the fog. i don’t understand why every emotion she experiences has to be assigned to her mythical bipolar disorder.

however... gorl... you SHOULD be depressed. you shouldn’t feel okay with your situation at all.

you have wasted over a third of your life muff-diving one of the thumb thumbs from skykids, listening to gary busey and mumbles shade you, spending every penny of your fortune on chinese buff-ets and orng chikeen, and generally being a waste of adipose and air. you have never travelled, worked a real job, made real friends. you will never have children or grow old, even if you stopped inhaling every crumb at this very moment and turned your shit around. you should be extremely fucking sad.

i don’t understand why this is surprising to her. she should be in fucking despair over what she’s done to herself and bereft over what she’s lost.