Golden Knight Fan Art

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Le Bateleur

Major Arcana
May 20, 2014
Jay is almost as happy to receive fan art as he is poor at designing webpages.

Post your artistic depictions of our bemulleted hero in this thread.

I'll kick off with a little something I knocked together to advertise Jay's first livestream



Twisted Mochrie
Nov 6, 2013
I drew this for him and he hated it.


... why sempai.... i tried so hard to make u notice me

(its pretty ween but it wasn't totally my idea)
Wow, you actually made the Golden Knight look cute. Now those are two words I'd never thought I'd put in the same sentence.


More Green Than Whole Foods
Feb 18, 2013

I added this one to the previous thread but I'll add it to this one for the sake of conversation.

I basically did this while he was streaming to distract myself from looking at him without his tshirt the whole time. Moreover, I got curious watching him doodle using just the illustrator tools and I wanted to see how long it would take for me to poop out a shitty drawing using his style and only his style. Although I think he has a tablet? I'm not sure, I just used a mouse and the circle tool a couple of times.